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Infosys Infytq Interview Experience for System Engineer

  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2021

After clearing qualifying round and final round of infytq certification exam, I was interviewed for system engineer role. You will get mail 48 hours prior to interview. The questions were very basic ones, if you are good with your fundamentals then you will be able to answer all of them.

 Here are the questions that I was asked in my interview.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What is linear and non linear data structures?
  3. What is linked list?
  4. What are primary key and foreign keys?
  5. Name any three SQL languages.
  6. What are 4 pillars of object-oriented programming?
  7. This was SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle) question, Infosys usually asks question from this topic. The scenario given to me was: Government has asked to you implement Aadhaar card project, which is collect relevant data of every citizen of our country and then manages it in a  way it is right now.  how are you going to build/design your application? This is an open-ended question so, feel free to describe your approach, but make sure you cover all stages of SDLC in your approach.

At last interviewer asked me if I have any question for her.

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