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Infosys HackWithInfy Interview Experience For System Engineer – Specialist Role (2020)

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HackWithInfy is Basically an India wide online coding competition conducted by Infosys every year. It includes two coding rounds and a hackathon.

Based on the performance in two codings round the top 100 students get the opportunity to participate in the grand finale Hackathon and additionally, they get an interview offer for the Power Programmer Profile. Apart from those who performed well in these two coding rounds they also get Interview opportunities for Power Programmer Role and System Engineer Specialist Role.

Round 1(Online Coding Round): This round was conducted in the month of March and it was conducted on HackerEarth platform. We were given 180 minutes to solve 3 coding questions. Basically Questions were purely based on Data Structures and Algorithms concepts. Questions were not so difficult and Solving two questions was enough to qualify for next coding round. Luckily I was able to solved 1st question fully and 2nd question Half test case were passed.

Round 2( Online Coding Round Web Proctored): it was conducted in the month of may and it was Web-Proctored. The twist Infosys made this year was that we were not allowed to see if our solution was passing all the private test cases. All we were able to know if the solution is giving correct result on particular test cases. So good debugging skills are also required hereby assuring that all corner edge cases are also passed. The Question was based on (Greedy, Dynamic Programming, Bit Manipulation, and more) it was harder than Round 1 Luckily I was able to solved 2 Coding Questions.

During the starting week of July, We were given the result of round 2. I got an interview opportunity for System Engineer Specialist Role. The interview process and hackathon were completed in the month of August for top 108 Students this year. I got interview mail on the last week of October.

Round 3(Technical Interview): Due to Covid they conducted interview virtually in ‘Infosys Meridian’ their own platform, and they Luckily i got plenty of time for interview preparation due to Covid pandemic they are taking interview slowly. I got interview mail one day before the Interview i joined through the given link, There was only 1 panelist.

My Interview was scheduled at 9 AM Morning time but the interviewer connected after 7 min so after that He directly asked me regarding my academic projects remember guys Projects are very important be sure you should have all concepts regarding projects they can ask anything from the projects so be prepared. My project discussion took around 15 min he asked me almost every detailed concepts regarding my project. After then, he gave me a program (The Longest Increasing Subsequences DP) by sharing screen I was able to write the code. Then after He asked me questions from Data Structures and Algorithms like what is greedy algorithm and what is Dynamic programming (Theoretical concepts) I answered, I requested him to explain via pen and paper by drawing recursion tree of Fibonacci problem and code that DP problem also the interviewer got impressed. After then, he asked me what is the disadvantages of Greedy over Dynamic Programming that I couldn’t explain well, I told him regarding part in 9:40 AM my interview got over.

I prepared interview from online resources DBMS (Gate Smashers) and Data Structures And Algorithms from Geeks For Geeks DSA Self Paced Course that I purchased in the 6th semester only and really it helped me lot to build the problem-solving skills I would like to thank Sandeep Jain sir for the Awesome Content provided in this Course.

After 13 days I got a Mail from Infosys that i got selected for System Engineer -Specialist Role.

Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2020
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