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Infosys HackWithInfy Interview Experience for Specialist Programmer 2022

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Hello Guys, Here I’m sharing my experience of how I got the Specialist Programmer role (formerly known as Power Programmer).

Infosys organizes a coding competition named “HackWithInfy” in which engineering students across India, participate. They also provide PPI ( pre-placement interview) for the roles of SP, DSE, or SE (based on their performance) to top performers. (for more information about HackWithInfy you can google it)

I participated in HackWithInfty 2022. It was a web-proctored coding round. There were 3 questions and 3 hours to solve. I got questions related to hashing, array manipulation, and sliding window. I solved two of them completely.
For the SP role, you have to solve at least 2 questions and for the DSE role, more than 1 question.

I got PPI for the SP role. Before the interview, they organized an online meeting regarding the role and interview. My interview runs for 1 hour.

My interview was organized on Microsoft Teams. I joined using the link provided in the invitation mail. When the meeting started, I wished her. There was only one panelist. Then she asked me  “Have you completed your degree?”, I replied, “No ma’am, I’m in 6 sem”. Then she asked me to share my laptop’s screen. Then, she asked me to send my resume to her by mail. ( If you never did it, just do it once before the interview)

Interview: She asked for an introduction. Then, she said, “you will be given three coding questions one by one. First will be easy, second will be medium, and third will be hard level. If you solve one question, then we will move to the next”.

  • She asked me to open any IDE to write and run code.
  • My first question was easy (related to bitwise operators).
  • The second question was also easy (related to array and hashing, available on leetcode)
  • The third was medium (related to array and next greater)
    She explained every question very well. (If you didn’t understand the question, you can ask for explaining again)

I did 1st and 2nd questions quickly but the third question took some time ( I tried 2-3 times correcting my code, after running it). Finally, it was solved partially. With this, my coding part ended.

  • Then she asked about my project and the technologies used. She gave me a situation and asked me what changes should I do in my project for that situation. ( one should prepare his project very well)
  • Then, she asked me some questions about OOP, DS, and algorithm.
  • Finally, she explained to me a situation (related to files on the computer) and asked me which data structure should be used here.
  • Then, she said that interview is completed and asked “have you any questions for me?”.

(I suggest asking questions that show you are eager to learn or you are enthusiastic about your role or you are very interested in their organization) After 2.5 months, I got mail.

Last Updated : 03 Aug, 2022
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