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Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for SES 2020

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  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020

We all know about the annual coding fest Hackwithinfy organized by Infosys. So Hackwithinfy has 2 rounds and if you can clear both rounds you will get an opportunity for a Pre-Placement offer. So this is how the round goes:

Round 1: There were 3 questions out of which I was able to solve all the 3. The questions were very easy and if you are clear with all the concepts of DSA and do a little of Competitive Coding then one can easily solve the questions. The main topics were Array manipulation, Bits manipulation, String manipulation, DP, Problems on numbers, etc. (I can’t really remember the questions).

Round 2: Then comes round 2. There were also 3 questions, one was easy, one was medium and one was tough. I was able to solve the first 2. I would suggest you give time to the medium question. Don’t waste time on the tough one (unless you are 5* in Codechef and have solved 80% of the hard problems in Leetcode). Don’t waste time on the easy problem because it will be a cakewalk if you were able to clear round 1 and it will take around 10 mins to solve. If you solve all the problems in Round 2 you will move to the finals of Hackwithinfy and you will be among the top 100 participants and will get a PPO for Power Programmer role (PP). And if you are able to solve 2 problems you will get a PPO for the System Engineer Specialist role(SES).

Interview: I got a PPO for the SES role and Since this was a virtual interview it went for around 25 mins and this is how my interview went:

Interviewer: Introduce yourself in brief.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Which language I used in Hackwithinfy

Me: Python 

Interviewer: Do you know OOPS?

Me: Yes

Interviewer: What is abstraction?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What is diff between abstract class and an interface?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What is polymorphism?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Do you know Collections in Java?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What do you mean by exceptions in Java and types of exceptions?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Java garbage collection.

Me: Answered

Interview: Write Bubble Sort algo.

Me: Written. 

Interview: Difference between DFS and BFS.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What is Normalization and types of Normalization?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Difference between Drop, Delete, and Truncate.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Diff between DBMS and RDBMS.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: A question from Computer Networks.

Me: I could not answer as I was from ECE.

Interview: Describe your project.

Me: Described.

Interviewer: Any question for me?

Me: I asked what are all the technologies that Infosys is currently working on?

So, this was all about my interview and I got selected for the role of SES. Keep learning, keep working hard you will surely succeed.

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