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Infosys Hackwithinfy Interview Experience for Power Programmer 2021

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  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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Round 1(Online Assessment): In the first round they asked 3 coding questions, the questions are from DSA and Dynamic Programming I could able to solve one coding question completely, and the second one I solved 60% and after that, I got a PPI opportunity.

Round 2(Technical+ HR interview): I got my 1st round results from my TPO(Training and Placement Officer) and after one month got the interview mail 7 days before the interview from Infosys. The interview was done on Webex platform and it lasted for 1:25 minutes

  1. Started with Introduction
  2. One coding question:
    tcs ->2018->100->101
    tcs->2017 ->106->107

    we need to find the missing invoices for the given start and end year

    It took 10 min to understand the question then started with brute force solution I got the correct output but he was not satisfied with my approach

    then I tried another approach using Hash map got the corrected answer (but I felt very like he is unhappy), then he asked few other questions from DSA

  3. Do u know any framework? I said no
  4. Merge sort explanation and its time complexity?  (Answered)
  5. Implement merge sort? (Implemented)
  6. Selection sort explanation and its time complexity? (Answered)
  7. What is hashing and how it can be implemented? (Answered)
  8. What is binary tree? explain(Explained)
  9. Which language do you know? I said C++, python then he asked why u do not prefer java as a programming language? I said sir from the beginning I started to code in C++ only so I never used java, but I will learn in future.

At last any questions to ask? I asked about his experience in Infosys, that’s it.

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