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Infosys HackWithInfy Interview Experience for DSE 2021

  • Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

Infosys conducted its annual off-campus hiring fest named HackWithInfy 2021 in June-Aug 2021 for Engineering graduates passing out in the year 2022.

Round 1 was a coding test for all the registered students comprising of 3 medium to hard level questions.

Based on the performance of round 1, candidates were shortlisted for PPI (Pre Placement Interview) for profiles of :

  1. Digital Specialist Engineer (DSE)
  2. Power Programmer (PP)

The results for round 1 usually take around a month to be disclosed, post which all the candidates clearing the cut-off to get a confirmation email regarding interview registration on the portal.

  • I was shortlisted for a PPI opportunity for the DSE role.
  • Round 2 was a technical interview conducted virtually by a highly experienced interviewer from Infosys itself.
  • The interview tested the coding acumen and basic knowledge of core subjects like DBMS and OOPs.

Below are the questions I was asked during the interview process.

  • Introduction.
    • Asked which language I am comfortable with.
  • Basic coding question:
    • Given a number n:
      • Add the number and its reverse to generate a sum.
      • Check if the sum is a Palindrome. If not, then reverse the sum and add it to the sum to generate a new sum.
      • Repeat until you get a palindrome number.
        • Example : Input – 12, Output – 33. (Solved using recursion)
  • Questions on OOPs:
    • What are inheritance and its types?
    • What is polymorphism and its types?
    • What are access specifiers? Explain all of them.
  • Questions on DBMS:
    • What is left outer join?
    • What is a referential integrity constraint?

A few of my friends were also asked about the projects that they have worked upon and related technical questions on the tech stacks they used.

Overall tips for Interviews:

  • Basic preparation for a week is sufficient to clear the round easily.
  • Expect follow-up questions on whatever you explain. So don’t use any term which you are not familiar with.


After the interviews, it usually takes around a month again for them to roll out the results. 

I was selected for the role of DSE, although several candidates from my university who were interviewed for the DSE profile were allotted the role of Systems Engineer based upon their interview performance.

It is a great opportunity for students to get placed in their 3rd year itself to relieve any sort of placement stress or pressure.

I think everyone should give this a shot.

All the best! 


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