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Infosys Hackwithinfy Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019

Round 1: Three coding questions based on basic programming logic. I did two questions completely. Few test cases for third questions passed. I cleared the first round.

Round 2: Three coding questions based on the algorithmic concept. I did one question completely and a few test cases of the second question passed. I   cleared that round.

Round 3: Third round was interview round. I was selected for the SES role.

The first question he asked tell me something about yourself.


what is oops ??.

I explained everything about oops. all four pillars with a real-life example. We had a great discussion on oops concept.

After that, I was asked to write two codes.

I cleared that round and called for hr round.

In HR round, they didn’t ask anything, It was just a formality.

I got selected.


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