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Infosys DSE Interview Experience 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021
Geek Week

I got a PPI interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round of HackWithInfy 2021. The first round was held on 7th May, 2021 and consisted of 3 questions- 1 Easy, 1 Medium and 1 Hard. I was able to solve one question completely and passed 14% testcases of another question in this round. My interview was scheduled for 30th June, 2021. I was informed 4 days before, about the 40-minute interview.

Interviewer: Introduce Yourself.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: He asked me about ReactJS since I had it in my resume.

Me: I told him what all I have done till now in ReactJS.

Interviewer: Then he asked me a puzzle which was to find the next number in this series: 80 10 70 15 60. He gave me 2 minutes for it.

Me: I wasn’t able to solve it. Though, the answer for the readers:  20

Interviewer: He asked me about a project from my Resume.

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: Suppose you have to create an E-Commerce website, what all authorization techniques and validation methods will you use for the Login System? How will you design it? I was given 3-4 minutes for it.

Me: I told him about the Google OAuth authorization and some validations for the password security. 

Interviewer: Tell me your favourite subjects from 1st Semester till now which you have studied.


Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: What all sorting techniques do you know? Write the code for your favourite sorting technique. ( I had to open the IDE on my laptop for it).

Me: Bubble sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Heap Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Radix Sort, Bucket Sort. 

Interviewer: Write down the Fibonacci Series. 

Me: Answered.

Interviewer: If you have to choose between doing a job at Infosys or going for Higher Studies, what will you choose?

Me: Job at Infosys.

Interviewer: Any questions for me?

Me: I asked him about his experience at Infosys which he went on to answer for almost 5 minutes.

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