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Infosys DSE Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2021
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I got a PPI interview opportunity for the role of Digital Specialist Engineer after clearing the first round of HackWithInfy 2021. The first round was held on 9th May 2021 and consisted of 3 questions- 1 Easy, 1 Medium, and 1 Hard. I solved one question completely using memoization and passed only the sample test cases of another question in this round. My interview was scheduled for 26th July 2021. I was informed 7 days before about the 40-minute interview.

The Interviewer joined the room and firstly introduced herself. Then, she asked the following questions:

  1. Tell me about Yourself. Me: Answered. (A small intro, with your name, current education you are pursuing, college, and then tell which technology you are proficient in and of which technology do you have intermediate expertise).
  2. She asked me about the first project in my resume
  3. She asked about the technique(Algorithm) used in the project.
  4. She asked me about the second project in my resume(I had some interesting names of the project)
  5. What are data structures?
  6. What is a linked list?
  7. What is a Binary tree?
  8. Applications of binary tree?
  9. What will be the order of elements in the binary tree if a particular list of elements is given?
  10. What are DFS and BFS?
  11. Explain Djikstra Algorithm?
  12. What are the subjects you have studied?
  13. What is an RDBMS?
  14. Characteristics of a Good RDBMS?
  15. What are Views?
  16. Explain the ACID properties?
  17. What is Artificial Intelligence?
  18. What is Data Science?
  19. What is Cloud Computing? Almost Asked Every Time
  20. What is multi-layer architecture?
  21. Different layers in OSI?
  22. What is TCP/IP?
  23. What is UDP?
  24. What is the Waterfall model?
  25. What is the Agile model?
  26. Tell something about the new technologies available?
  27. In the end, I asked her for a review of myself, how can I improve myself.


  1. If you don’t have anything on your resume the interviewer will ask you questions from everywhere.
  2. Have some good projects on your resume, and be ready with all the possible questions that can be asked.
  3. I studied from here. Link:-
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