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Infosys Digital Specialist Engineer Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

I got selected in infosys as Digital Specialist Engineer role through hackwithinfy which is a coding contest conducted by infosys. there was only one coding round and one interview in this process

Coding Round: I gave contest on 7th may 2021. There were 3 coding questions in this contest. out of 3 questions, 1 was easy, 1 was medium and 1 was difficult. 

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I solved 1 question completely and 1 partially. after a month I received mail from infosys that I got selected for Interview of Digital Specialist Engineer role.

Note: Questions were based on Dynamic programming, Greedy, Recursion, Graphs.

Interview Round: My interview was held on 21st july 2021. it was of 40 minutes. 

Interviewer: Good evening 

I: Good evening sir.

Interviewer: Introduce yourself.

I: (Introduced myself)

Interviewer: Which sorting algorithms do you know.

I: (told all sorting algorithms name)

Interviewer: out of all sorting algorithms which is best.

I: merge sort

Interviewer: Why?

I: (explained reason)

Interviewer: Can you please share your screen and write down code to print all the steps in merge sort(all the steps mean I have to print what’s happening after every recursive call).

I: (Written code and showed him output)

Interviewer: Can you please explain me the code.

I: (explained code)

(up to this point 15 minutes were left)

Interviewer: What is triggers in DBMS

I: (answered)

Interviewer: which programming languages do you know

I: Java is my preferred language. apart from that I know C, Python, Php, JavaScript.

(he didn’t ask me any questions based on language)

Interviewer: Are you learning any other technologies.

I: Yes sir, I am learning ML.

Interviewer: from where you are learning means any certification course or anything else.

I: it is in our syllabus.

(he didn’t asked me any question based on ML as well)

(now he started asking me HR questions)

Interviewer: What are your long-term goals.

I: (answered)

Interviewer: do you want to ask me anything

I: yes sir, Can you please tell me what kind of technologies Digital specialist engineer works.

Interviewer: (answered) any other question

I: No sir.

Interviewer: Thank you

I: Thank you sir

He was very much friendly. it was nice experience for me.

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