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Infosys Certification Exam Experience| INFYTQ for 2020-Freshers
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2019

Infosys exclusive hiring is InfyTQ – Infosys Talent Acquisition. It’s actually an exam conducted in Infosys Training at Mysore campus after training trainees for 2-3 months, but now exclusively made as exam for every 2020 graduating students learning Online to shorten training time for 3 months. This is first of its kind for Infosys Hiring.

Candidate has to score a minimum of 65% to get the certificate. And candidates who scored more than 65% were eligible for on the spot interview for the Role of System Engineer. Furthermore, rounds will be conducted for Power Programmer profile(8 LPA) and System Engineer Specialist(5 LPA) .

Round 1:

Online based exam conducted at an exam centre where the exam has two sections: 2 Coding questions to be solved in Python3 and 20 MCQs based on DBMS (SQL), OOPs (Python) and Data Structures and Algorithms. MCQs were  moderately easy as it was asked similar to practice questions, quizzes in InfyTQ platform.  Among 2 coding questions One will be easy and other will be moderately tough.There is no need to prepare advance programming concepts like DP, Backtracking etc atleast for this round.They will be asked in the further rounds if you clear this certification exam.

My Questions:

  1. A simple String rotation type question where INPUT will be given in the form of Dictionary  and based on the value of the Dictionary the STRING should be rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  2. It is based on matrix which i felt  a bit difficult. We  have to find the number which occur consecutively 4 times either in a ROW, COLUMN, DIAGONAL and more importantly REVERSE DIAGONAL. If there are multiple such elements find the minimum among them.If there is no such element print “-1”.

Round 2:

Among 200 + students only 8 students were able to clear the fist round and among that 4 were from our College.

and coming to the next round it will be behavioral assessment round (HR round) where they will ask about our interests, family details and about INFOSYS. It continued for 10-15 minutes for each person and they said results will be sent soon to our respective colleges



Considering the feedback from all my friends i can say that clearing the exam is very easy if you are good at basics of python and fairly better at problem solving skills.


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