Infosys Campus Placement Experience | Set 6

I attended Infosys Off Campus drive in July. I am going to share everything that I know about how to prepare.
Number of questions – 60
Time – 95 mins

The whole paper was of moderate difficulty.

Quantitative : 10 questions, 25 minutes

Reasoning : 15 questions, 35 minutes

Verbal :40 questions, 35 minutes

My mistake was that i was fooled by company called FacePrep, same company visited my college for campus placement preparation. They run a website also, I was fooled by their Infosys course for which I paid 2999Rs. and they had copied questions from website like m4maths and geeksforgeeks mygeekmonkey. From their website none of the question repeated. Don’t every be fooled by Faceprep they will fool you for thousands of rupees and the they will waste your time. They didnt even refund my money.

Infact all of their website is just copy paste of geeksforgeeks word by word.

I will suggest prepare from books and do the hardwork. Geeksforgeeks, m4maths and mygeekmonkey are good for infosys preparation.

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