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Infosys Campus Placement Experience | Set 5

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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Hi All,

Greetings !!!

While preparing for the interview, I came across many of their experience in the online portals and I too thought of writing my experience once I got selected in Infosys and am writing it now (sorry for sharing it after a very long time)..

The process started around 9.30 am in the morning on 21st Dec, 2009 where 250+ of us were appeared for the Infosys placement. Initially we had an introduction program nearly for 1 hr where the HR explains many things about Infosys and the students whoever doesn’t have any arrears with 68% of marks(till 6th sem) were asked to move to a hall where the written test happened.

It contains 2 sections Aptitude and Verbal I think in which 1 section has 30 questions which have to be completed in 40 min and the other with 40 questions with 30 min. Once we are done, we have been asked to come to the same hall (where we gathered on 9.30 am) around 3pm.

Our placement coordinator came and read 20 names and asked them to move to a hall for HR interview. To my surprise, am there in one of the top 20 and went there for the HR interview.

I gave my resume and waited outside. Then, I have been asked to go to the panel where an interviewer of age 50+ was seated.

I asked for permission and entered the hall.

Me: May I come in Sir (Confidently)

HR: Yes

Me: Went inside and had a firm handshake with him.

HR: Please have your seat

Me: Thank you Sir.

HR: (On looking into my resume) So you did your higher secondary in this VVMHSS and SSLC in

Me: I told KMHSS (said the full form of my initial school name)

HR: so, how you will prepare for your exams here (in college) ?

Me: (I just told something).. Will be preparing few chapters during CAT exams and then will do a revision before my final exams sir.. blah blah blah…

HR: so, Are you preparing for MBA exams ?

Me: No Sir. Here, CAT means our internal exams sir. Sorry Sir.

HR: Ok Ok.

HR: So, you have attended the soft skills training from Ma-Foi ? (as it’s mentioned in my resume which we have attended from our college itself)

Me: Yes Sir

HR: what you learned from it ?

Me: Do’s and Don’ts of a public speaking

HR: Ok, so we know the Do’s. Can you please say few of the dont’s.

Me: We need to focus only on the points to be shared. Have to be precise. Need to give the pauses then n there. No need to go out of our topic which is irrelevant.

HR: Ok, so you have done the mini project on this.. (As provided in my resume). Have you undergone any problems and solved it ?

Me: Just uttered something which is lightly relevant to that.. Once again blah blah blah…

HR: Ok, Is that the easy way to solve it ?

Me: Yes Sir.

HR: ok Aravind. It’s nice meeting you. Anything you have to ask me ?

Me: How is my performance Sir ?

HR: Am not supposed to say that right now ?

Me: Any feedback for me Sir ?

HR: I should not tell that now.

Me: Ok, Thank you Sir (with a smile and firm handshake while leaving).

My interview happened hardly for 2 to 3 min only. Once I came out even my placement coordinator got shocked and asked me hey Is it over ? Have you answered him properly ?

Yes Sir. Am done. Answered a little, I replied. 🙂

After 5 hours of waiting, they have announced the results. I think 89 people cleared the written test and 75 (including me) cleared the interview and selected in Infosys 🙂

Things to be taken care:

1) Your % should be greater than\equal to 68 with no arrears.
2) Prepare well for the initial written test. If you clear that then the offer is 80% near to you.
3) Prepare a very good resume and have a review with someone if possible.
4) Have all the other docs\marksheet with you (as you have to enter the each and every semester marks before your written test)
5) Dress up well, a good formal dress, with fully trimmed, nicely combed (as everyone expect that)
6) Be Confident, Clear and Loud in the HR round (Don’t confuse them\Don’t make them to ask you for your answers once again)
7) Have a firm handshake with the HR
8) Greet the HR with the Smile
9) Say Thank you while leaving\if the HR appreciates you at anytime
10) Have faith in God as everything is possible in this world

Infosys Interview Process is one of the coolest one as we don’t have group discussion and technical interview like other organization. And you can come to infosys at any point of time but being in Mysore as a trainee is one of the best thing which everyone likes.

All The Very Best For Everyone !! Perpare Well & Do Well !!

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