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Informatica Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2020
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1) An online test was conducted containing various section including os, computer network, Java, python, c aptitude, DBMS, logical reasoning . Each and every section was compulsory.
2) out of around 150, 30 student cleared the first round luckily I was one of them. ( Tips for this round : just brush up the basic of above mentioned subject before going for exam)
3) After this round they conducted a pen paper based test consists of os, DBMS, aptitude, logical reasoning, computer network in total 15 question ( 20 min) .. this was also elimination round, around 24 people got selected after this round.

Round 1 )
technical interview:he asked me to introduce myself and then asked me to implement stack using linked list ( I did that). he also asked me about one of my project it was network and information security project, later he asked me about tree traversal and asked me to write code for DFS( I did it partially) and the last question he asked me to implement hashmap and internal structure of hashmap ( luckily I read it before so I did that and he was quite impressed) along with this he also asked me that what changes will u make if you want to store multiple value rather than single value ) . I gave the arraylist approach as second parameter. It’s very easy to get through it if you are good in DSA.

Before going for any interview round just make sure you know the internal implementationĀ  of hashMap because this is the most common question almost second ask:)

here i am attachingĀ  the link as well, this video really helped me:
After this round 16 student got selected for second round.

Round 2)
Technical interview round 2)

He asked me to rate myself in java, DSA and DBMS ( Here key is to be Yourself).
He started asking question from

The very first question he asked me write a query for a particular portion in ven diagram, I did that but he asked me implement without using not in .( That I couldn’t ). He asked me to write a query for finding unique elements in a particular column but without using distinct. ( I gave him approach but he wasn’t looking satisfied) . He asked me to write one more query, I did it using join.

Java šŸ™‚

what is meaning of public static void main ( I answered this question very well)


how will you find the middle of the linked list in one traversal, I gave slow and fast pointer approach later he asked me to find the 6th element from head if length of linked list is 9 ( i.e 2/3 rd). I answered this question as well.

After 40 min they called me for 3 rd round

Round 3)

Technical interview:)
There were two interviewers who were taking my interview. One interviewer started like what do you know about Java language .I answered. Later on question was like why java platform independent, what is JVM, jdk which file created first once you compile java program, is JVM platform dependent. Later on some string manipulation questions, garbage collector, final block and try catch block ( output?)
Later on he started asking question on DSA what data structures you know and asked me to find the third node from end in one traversal ( I answered) .
Later on they asked me about difference between drop, delete and truncate difference, which is dml, ddl n so on. Some questions about joins that it.

Immediately after this round he called me for

Round 4)
He asked a train man problem ( aptitude ) easy I did that ..later on he started asking about me n my family background. ( This also went well ).


Round 5)

Started like introduce urself .I did . He asked me you know os, DBMS and DSA right? I said yes…then started question from that question were like
What is thread
What is process
What is light in thread
What is referential integrity constraint
What is foreign key ( explain with a table)
What If I delete a data from 1 St table what will be impact on other table ( if foreign key relationship between tables)

Difference between 32 and 64 bit compiler.
Water jug problem

Round 6)

ItĀ  started like introduce yourself and then asked me two question which was like derive 31 from some number( 4 number) using +, -, *, / only
Later on derive 17 from these 4 number.
After this they called for hr round.

RoundĀ  7)

Some formal discussion like why did u choose IT. Later on they announced the result and i was one of the them.

Key point: Be confident, Ā don’t beat around the bush, be clear

Best of luck:)


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