Informatica Interview Experience | Set 6

Round 1: This round was paper based test. It includes Data Structure, Algorithms, C output, Operating System, DBMS, Unix, Aptitude, Puzzles

Tip : If you are preparing for GATE then it is easy to clear because question difficulty level is less compared to GATE exam

Information: I applied through Glass door jobs and get a chance to attend the interview process.This happened in Informatica office Bengaluru, Out of 100 candidate they shortlisted only 20 candidate based on first round.

Round 2:This is Face to Face interview he asked questions related to Data structure, Algorithms, oops concept in this they tell me one real time example where Polymorphism happens, prepare Tree data structure well

Tip: Try to link your computer science concept to real world problems.

Information: Out of 20 only 10 candidate selected.

Round 3:This coding interview he asked me to write two programs of question

  1. For the given array find subset whose sum is maximum.
  2. Find all palindromic substring for the given string.

Tip: Prepare all problems in the websites like Geek for Geeks, HackerRank, HackerEarth, IDeserve see the videos for fast learning

Information:Out of 10 only 5 got selected.

Round 4: This is manager round he asked lot of questions related to unix, os, kernel, and V model in software engineering bad thing is I don’t know much of Unix so i failed to answer lot of questions.

Tip:Prepare Unix interview questions well, Software Testing questions especially programming test cases, and Software Engineering subject

Information: I got rejected in this round.

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