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Informatica Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2016
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Informatica recently visited our campus for Full Time hiring. Here is my experience.
The eligibility criterion was a CGPA of >= 6.5 and the stream should be CSE.

Round 1(45 minutes)
MCQ based questions covering the following topics:
– Data Structures
– Operating Systems
– Database Management System

After this round, a shortlist was published that contained only 19 students.
I could not solve all the questions, but was selected for the next round.

Round 2(90 minutes)
This was a an online coding round and had 4 questions:
– Given a string in encoded form, decode it. Some rules were explained in the question based on which we had to come up with an algorithm.(Cannot use temporary string)
– Find ceil value in a BST.
– Given a graph in the form of a matrix having either 0s or 1s, find the number of islands of 1s.
– Given two sorted arrays, find the median of the elements of the two arrays combined. (Can use temporary array)

All those who could solve two or more questions were selected for the next round(8 students were sleected).
I solved all of them 🙂

Round 3(45 minutes)
This was a technical interview. Questions asked:
1) Given a stack, sort it.
2) Given two strings, check if they both are anagrams of each other. I began with O(n^2) approach, optimised with O(nlogn) and finally came to O(n) approach(with two temp arrays). He asked me to do it in just 1 temp array.
3) Merge two sorted arrays without using a temporary array. He wanted a solution of less than O(m*n) complexity. I gave a solution using binary search.

Round 4(45 minutes)
This was also a technical interview.
1) He began with asking me about the courses that I had taken up. He was pretty impressed by seeing Distributed Systems in my resume and asked questions about the CAP theorem and so on.
2) Which method helps us in dividing the actual problem and solving it. I said, Divide and Conquer and Dynamic Programming. He then asked me what is Dynamic Programming and what is memoization.
3) He asked me to write code for LRU cache implementation.
4) A small discussion on AVL trees.
5) Talked about Software Defined Networks, a course I had taken up the previous semester.

Round 5(30 minutes) Technical Interview
1) Given a matrix with 0s and 1s, find the shorted path to reach m,n starting at 0,0. You can only walk on 1 tiles.
2) There is a stream of data coming, and you need to perform searching and sorting on them. You have only 20 MB of RAM.

Round 6(30 minutes) HR interview
General questions on where do I see myself in 5 years, my family background, some intensive discussion about my organisational skills etc.

Thanks a lot GeeksforGeeks for helping me clear up my concepts! You guys are doing a great job 😀

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