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Informatica Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2015
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Here is my interview experience.

Round 1:(online MCQs)

MCQs on Data structures, C/C++, DBMS, OS and networking.
CS gate type question.

Round 2:(online subjective)

This round is to just check OOPS concepts. So in test they given only C++/Java. So i choose java for my subjective round.
20 questions.
We had to write codes, algos, point out mistakes in given code etc.
Ex. Finding a magic index in sorted array.
1 question from big Integer in java.

Round 3:(Interview)

1. Discussion on projects.

2. Level Order traversal and code.
3. Level order with new line.
4. Replace all BST node with sum of their descendents and ask to code it.
5. Modified BST question with some trick.
6. How to design tree in java.
7. Java collections question and implementation.
8. Again Discussion on Projects and ask to design class diagram of Web project.
After this round he was very impressed with me.

Round 4:

1. HashMap implementation in java.

2. OOPS concepts.

3. Tree questions.

4. 1 question on Array. Find the indexes where left sum is equal to the right sum.
First i gave him O(n2) solution he asked me to improve this.
Then i gave him O(n) space with O(n) time solution. Again he asked me to improve this
At last i gave him O(n) solution after that he was impressed.

5. Some question on multithreading in java.(notify ,wait applications).

6. Find if two tree inorder traversal are same or not.(without array).
I gave him iterative inorder solution.

Round 5(MR):

1. Puzzles.

2. 1 puzzle on find the numbers from 1 to n such that a^2=b^2+c^2
First i gave her O(n3) solution then O(n2) at last o(n) solution she was very happy after that.
3. Some question on Previous Background etc.

Round 7:(HR)
Basic HR questions, relocation questions etc.

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