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Informatica Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2020
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Informatica recently visited our campus around the First week of March 2020,  for selecting SDE interns from Btech. 2021 Batch. The selection process took around 2 days from the beginning till the announcement of results.6 students were selected out of around 500 who appeared in the placement rounds. I was lucky to get selected as an SDE intern in Informatica.

Round 1: [Online MCQs]

Difficulty Level of Online MCQs was Intermediate.MCQs were mostly focused on Operating System,Database,Data Structures and Algorithms. In short MCQ round was based on CSE Core subjects knowledge. So a good level of understanding of Core Subjects is required to clear MCQ round.

Out of 500, around 100 were able to clear MCQ round.

Round 2: [Online Coding Round]

Online Coding Round comprised of 4 problems based on Data Structures and Algorithms.The difficulty level of this round was Intermediate.

Problems were based on the topics : Arrays, Linked-Lists, Dynamic Programming, Recursion, Backtracking.

In Short , Good programming skills in Data Structures and Algorithms are required to clear this round.

“Must Do Coding Questions Topic Wise” from GeeksforGeeks is highly recommended as it helped me a lot in all the rounds .

Out of 100 around 30 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: [Technical Interview 1]

1: Asked questions based on the Resume. Informative resume is highly recommended as the resume would be analysed again and again by the HR after every technical interview.

2: I developed a Backend Project on “Employee Management System” , so the interviewer asked to explain the Database Design used in the project.

3. Explain Binary Search Tree and convert Binary Search Tree into a Doubly Linked List.

4. Create your own Binary Search Tree .

5. Write the full code of Merge Sort Algorithm.

6. 3 Arrays are given and extract the elements which are present in all the three Arrays.

Round 4: [Technical Interview 2]

This round was purely based on Knowledge of the CSE Core subjects.

1: Explain some Different types of Databases used in the Industry.

2: What is Join, Inner Join, Outer Join in RDBMS.

3:  Write SQL Query to create Foreign Key in two tables.

4: What are processes and Threads and Difference between them.

5: Importance of Threads.

6: What is OS.

7: Describe IP addresses and Mac addresses.Who controls the Ip Addressing.

8: What is IPV4 and IPV6.

9: Describe Subnet Mask in IP addresses.

10: What is the difference between Java 7 and Java 8.

This round was a difficult and lengthy round as compared to others.It was focused on Core so many students were not able to clear this round.

Round 5:  [Personal Interview]

This round comprised of both Personal and Technical rounds.

1: Where are you from, How many Siblings.

2: What you do in the Free time.

3: Get the K’th element from the last from a Linked List in One Traversal.

Round 6:  [Technical Interview 3]

1: Print Bottom View of a Binary Tree.

2: Puzzle Question.

Round 7:  [HR Round]

1: Explain about yourself.

2: What is something that you are somewhat worried from past few days.

3: How’s your family.

4: Short Term and Long Term Goals.

5: To how many Companies , you have given the interviews.

6: Out of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, which location would you prefer for relocation.

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