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Informatica Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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Hey guys, I’m Gonna Share my interview experience with INFORMATICA.

The recruitment process consisted of 6 rounds.

ROUND 1: Total there were 75 MCQs from core computer science subjects like OS, CN, DBMS, Algorithms, Data Structures, Python, Java, and Aptitude. The entire test was divided into various sections where each section represents a subject.

Round 2(TR Interview Round): 45 Minutes

This Round completely tests our knowledge of computer science subjects like ds&algo, DBMS, OS, CN

  • What is an Operating System?
  • Acid properties
  • inheritance and encapsulation
  • How to find IP addresses?
  • ipconfig vs ifconfig
  • code for palindrome
  • query to count all the duplicate elements from a table along with their name(Using group by)
  • Query for 3rd max salary
  • linux commands
  • what is netstat?
  • What are constructors
  • Joins in SQL
  • What is Hashing
  • can we have duplicate keys in a hash?
  • what are links and nodes?
  • All types of sorting
  • Linear and Non-Linear data structures
  • what is ping command?
    group by and having clause
  • what is network topology
  • linked list

Round 3( TR Interview Round): 55 Minutes

  • Write a code to detect loop in a linked list
  • what are critical sections ?
  • Difference between semaphore and mutex
  • BFS and DFS
  • Cursors in databases
  • How to declare a 2D array using pointers?
  • grep command in Linux
  • How to see CPU utilization on our computer?
  • self join and Group by clause
  • Given a table having st_id,dept_id,marks_id columns .Find the top scorer of each department(self join and group by)
  • You have a table in which emp_id,emp_name, and mang_id, now get the names of those who are managers also(self join)
  • What is Extern and Static
  • Given a hashmap, explain linear probing.
  • You are having an ASCII file and you need to count the total words in that file, what command will you use?
  • What is ping command
  • what is a binary tree
  • balance factor in AVL tree
  • If a binary tree has ‘N’ no of nodes, what is the height of the binary tree
  • TCP vs UDP
  • Water-jug puzzle

Round 4(TR Interview Round): 20 Minutes

  • Diff between pointers and references
  • Query to find top salary from each department(group by)
  • list vs arrays
  • which is faster for inserting and deleting an element, linked list or array?
  • 32 bit OS vs 64 bit OS
  • Max RAM supported by 32 bit processor
  • Linux commands
  • difference between Drop,Delete and Truncate
  • Binary search
  • Polymorphism and its types
  • Main benefit of using threads ?

Round 5(TR Round): 20 Minutes

  • What is virtual memory
  • Linux commands
  • delete cascading method
  • query to find the fruits_name from fruit table along with its count(row_no.)
  • What are kernels
  • water jug problem

Round 6(HR Round): 20 Minutes

  • Why Informatica
  • What do you know about this role
  • From Ece, then why not core companies?
  • Relocation

Finally, I got selected.

Note: Be Prepared with the basics of some main subjects like DBMS, OS, CN, DSA and C

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