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Informatica Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020
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Round 1:

Mode of Exam: Online

The Initial Round mainly focused on checking the basic technical skills of the Candidate. The students who are very comfortable with the basics of subjects like Programming in C, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating System and Database Management System can score well in this round. I was a GATE Aspirant and hence this helped me to clear this round comfortably.

Round 2:

Coding Round

Round 1 mainly focused on elimination. Many Students were eliminated in the first round. In my case, there were 300+ students and only about 80 students had qualified Round 1 and I was one of them. Round 2 was a coding round. We were given 4 problems to solve. The cutoff score depends on the conducting members.

I was able to solve 2 problems.

The members go through your code to check the logic implemented  by you and if satisfied they promote you to the next round.

I qualified this round too.


Round 3: Only 27 Students were selected for Round and I was one of them.

4-5 members are involved in taking the technical interview. You will be asked to report to one of them as asked by the members. Before this round we were taken to a comfortable room and were provided with snacks and cold drinks.

The entire process may take time and we were informed that the interview is going to be a tough one.

we were all prepared for the same.

Now, The third round may be the HR round or Technical round as per the availability of the member concerned. I was asked to report to HR and I had a good conversation with him. He basically checked my personality and my thought process and questions from my personal area of interest.

I qualified this round too.

Round 4: Only 15 Students were selected for Round 4 and I was one of them.

This was a technical Interview Round. It started at 12:00 AM. The interviewer basically tests your problem-solving skills.

Questions asked were from Data Structures, Algorithms. Questions are of intermediate level. If you are a regular programmer you can answer these questions comfortably.

He asked me a few questions on the linked list and asked me to write the code for the same.

They will check how smartly you can solve the given problem with a better Time Complexity.

My Solutions were not optimized and he was expecting a better solution to the problem.

I was unable to succeed in this round.

Finally, only 9 people were selected.


Overall It was a good experience.
However later I succeeded in what I was preparing for GATE CS 2020.
AIR 1907 🙂

All the Best.

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