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Infoedge Interview Experience(On-Campus for Software Developer)

  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019

Round 1: (Aptitude and technical test)

It consisted of two sections. 15 apti questions to be done in 15 minutes and 20 technical questions related to c++ output, os, dbms to be done in 15 minutes.

15 students got selected for next round.

Round 2: (F2F technical interview)

The interviewer was friendly. He asked me to tell something about myself then asked about one of my projects. I explained him in detail. The he moved to ds algo part

  4. there are many salaries stored in a table. you are given a range (s1, s2). You need to return all the people with salaries between s1 and s2. which data structure will you use? firstly approached using bst but in case of skewed trees it will take time then using solved using hashing.
  5. one time complexity question.

7 got selected for the next round.

Round 3:(F2F technical interview)

  1. Question about projects. Why mongodb and no other nosql databases. What is sharding.

Round 4 : HR interview

About college campus and administration, club activities, strength and weaknesses, regrets, where do you see yourself 5 years from now. why infoedge.The interviewe was very friendly.

Finally 6 students got selected.

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