InfoEdge Interview Experience

Recently I got interviewed by InfoEdge. It was off-Campus drive at Noida.

There were 5 rounds:

1 Aptitude (Quants+Technical)

3 Technical rounds

1 HR round

Round 1 : Written (Aptitude)

There were 30 question to solve in 30 minutes. Questions were from work and time, profit loss, time and distance, pipes and cisterns, probability, Permutation and combbination, c,c++,DBMS etc.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

1.Write a program to find frequency of each character in a string.

2.Briefly explain Class, Object, Methods, Member variables, Encapsulation, Abstraction.

3.Make a Queue using Stack.He asked to optimize number of push and pop operations.

4.Make a Stack using Queue.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

1. Introduce yourself.

2.Then he asked me about my projects. Detailed discussion on both projects.

3.Write a program which takes decimal number as input and gives Roman number as output.

Ex: i/p: 8 o/p: VIII

i/p: 43 o/p:XLIII

range of numbers can vary from 1 to 1000.

4. Design problem: Design database for facebook page subscribers. Write classes and functions involved to implement this. Further he added to implement facebook notification system.

Round 4: Technical Interview 3

First interviewer asked me favorite subject. I said Data Structure.

1.Write a program which takes a String and an Integer as input and gives output as follows:

i/p: aaaabbbcc 2 o/p abcc

i/p: aabbcc 2 o/p aabbcc

i/p: aaabbbbbccdddd 3 o/p:aaabccd

i/p abcddd 3 0/p abcddd

2.Given an array of size n. It contains numbers in the range 1 to n+2.Each number in the range is present in array except 2 numbers. Find the missing numbers.

3.Question on Asymptotic Analysis.

4. Difference between compiler and interpreter. Advantage and disadvantage of each. Complete working of compiler and interpreter.

5.What is HTTP, TCP/IP. Detailed discussion on both.

6. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS. What is SSL. Explain in detail.

7.What is fork system call. What will happen to the child process if parent process get terminated.

8. Explain Copy on write.

9.How to count number of objects created by new and created by malloc.

10.What is copy constructor? Why const keyword is used in copy constructor. Why reference is used as parameter in copy constructor.Some more questions on operator overloading, type conversion etc.

Round 5: HR round

Simple behavioral questions

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