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InfoEdge Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2017
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Recently, Infoedge visited our campus for Software Developer Position

First Round – Online coding round and MCQs
The Coding round had 2 questions. Both were of moderate difficulty.
They had their own platform and questions weren’t same for everyone.
1st question was to print the Binary Representation of an Integer.
2nd was also an easy question, based on Array and Sorting.
MCQs were usually from the topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Data Structures etc

Second Round – Technical Interview

Initially, he asked me about my academic projects.
I had built an OLX like classifying AD portal as my course project.
He asked general questions about ER diagram, Database Design and Schema, and Normalisation on that.

Coding Questions-

1) Count all Possible paths from top-left to bottom-right corner in an mXn matrix
2) Arrange given numbers to form the biggest number
3) Find mirror of a binary tree
4) Check if a given Binary tree is a BST or not.
5) Given a sorted array with repeating elements, find the count of any given integer
6) Given a complete binary tree, print it in spiral form. (Not to be confused with zig zag level order)

And some basic OOP concepts like Abstraction etc.

Third Round – Technical Interview

He asked me about my favourite subject.
I replied with DSA, DBMS, OS and Networks
Questions asked were –
1) Any pattern matching algorithm. I explained him KMP algorithm
2) Implement a queue using stack and optimize it.
3) Spin locking concept in OS and when it should be used.
4) HTTP protocol
5) Sorting algorithms with best possible complexity.
I answered that depending on the data given, best can be O(n) for Counting sort.
And for any general data, best can be O(nlogn) eg. Heap and Merge sort, etc

HR round –
General questions about Myself and my family background.
Why do you want to join Infoedge ?
Why should we Hire you ?

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