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InfoEdge Interview Experience | Set 3

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2015

Round 1: online Test, 30 q’s 30 minutes, No –ve marking

Out of around 200, 40 cleared this round

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Q’s: DBMS, Apti, C output type, Data Structure, OOPS concepts

Note: algo, O.S not asked

Round2: Coding round

1 q to be solved in 30 minutes, Test was offline, on paper-sheet


Luckily I cleared this round

Out of 40, 12 students selected this round

Interview 1:

Q1: Implement Dictionary. I need to suggest Best data structure supported for implementing database.

Q2: Database schema of Flipkart.

Q3: Check a string is palindrome or not

Q4: Perform search operation in sorted Linked list in logn time

Q5: largest palindrome substring in a string

Rejected here 🙁

After this 1 more technical and then HR round

Q’s asked from other candidates:

  1. How to implement database of facebook
  2. Given to you is 900 digits, main memory can store 100 digits at a time, How u can sort these 900 numbers
  3. Dijkstra’s algo
  4. Programs on arrays
  5. OOPs concepts


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