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InfoEdge Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019

Round 1:  Online MCQ test

There were 35 questions to be done in 40 mins which included 15 aptitude and 20 technical questions related to Ds Algo.

Around 120 students gave the test out of which 20 students were selected for further rounds .

Round 2:  F2F interview 1

1.introduce yourself

2. Facebook app using database concepts. further discussion on primary key, foreign key constraints etc.

further extented to implement mutual friends facebook feature using Data structures which i solved and explained using Graph

and bfs traversal and backtracking concepts .

4. some question on bit algorithm

5. Any questions ?  i asked a couple of questions.

After this round 6 students were shortlisted for second F2F interview.


Round 3: F2F interview 2

1. A mathematical puzzle was asked after i answered it, i was asked to code it .ps-it was very simple.

2.To find elements in second array which are not present in first array ? i solved it using hashing.

3. To reverse a string in minimum complexity and further 1 more string question was asked .

After this round 4 were shortlisted for HR round.

Round 4: HR round 

This was more of a formality kind of round in which she asked general questions like which language i like the most,

what are my hobbies, where i m from, about my family ans  if i m ok with Noida location .

At last she asked if i had any questions .

4 students got the job offer and i was one of them .


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