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InfoEdge Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Info Edge is one of the publicly listed leading internet based companies offering outstanding services in various fields such as recruitment(, real estate(, matrimony (, and education(

Info Edge visited our campus and conducted a recruitment drive for the role of Software Engineer for final year B Tech students belonging to CSE and ECE branches.

Due to the pandemic, our whole recruitment drive was conducted virtually. It consists of 5 rounds in total.

Round 1(Screening Round): This is an MCQ round and consists of 2 sections each section consisting of about 20 questions.

  • Section1 has core computer science technical questions from topics DSA, DAA, CN, DBMS, OS, and OOP. 
  • Section2 has aptitude questions.
  • The time for this round is around 40 min.
  • Based on their threshold limit, the top scorers will get shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2(Interview – Technical Round): This round covered DSA, SQL concepts.

  • My interview started with an introduction. After giving a glimpse of mine, the interviewer asked me to live code and implement some questions. There won’t be any restriction on programming languages. 
  • To code the regex module and demonstrate string matching (without using inbuilt pattern matching modules). The code should handle all wild cards such as *, ?, ^, etc. (
  • Given an array,  count the number of pairs such that they add up to a given target. (
  • Another SQL query was asked to implement
  • Later on, egg dropping puzzle and 3-Ants on triangle puzzles were asked to explain the logic.
  • And some interview questions on OS, DS, DBMS, and OOPs.
  • This round went for 1 hr.

Round 3(Interview – Technical Round): This round proceeded with more discussion on academic and individual projects. The key technologies used and challenges faced were covered. 

  • More questions on skills mentioned in the resume were asked.
  • Later asked to code sub-array with given sum problem, which also handles negative integers, and implementation of power function without using pre-built modules ( here one should handle all the corner cases such as power raised to 0 and negative numbers)
  • And next, given a use case and asked to think of the data structures that efficiently serve the purpose of use case and its functionalities.
  • Use-case: Implementation of Elevator
  • I have answered  2 priority queues – 1 for the upward journey and 1 for the downward journey.
  • Because in the upward journey of the elevator, all the downward requests should be discarded and upward journeys should be served in a prioritized fashion ( the requests from bottom floors should be given high priority while serving upward journey) and vice-versa.
  • Interview questions and definitions from OOP, Computer networks were covered.
  • This round went for 40 min.

Round 4(Interview with Tech lead): This round was more like a technical discussion that tests the theoretical understanding of concepts.

Some of the questions are –

  1. What is the entire internal process that happens between entering a web URL in the browser and getting the web page loaded. Refer – what happens when we hit a url
  2. What is the maximum size of RAM that a 32-bit Operating system can run on? Ans – 4Gb RAM. 32 bit OS cannot run on higher RAMs such as 8GB. But in order to serve more requests, modern devices have RAM >4Gb. Hence, an a64-bit Operating system was introduced, which can run on RAM that is having memory till 2 TB. Read –
  3. Whenever we logged into the Gmail web app through any browser and closed the tab and when we re-open, we can get automatically logged in with our previous credentials. How exactly is that happening? Refer – Caching and cookies, How exactly browsers maintain user’s login state.

This round ended with him asking any questions/doubts regarding the role or company.

Round 5(HR Round): This round is simple. It is more like a friendly discussion with HR. 

  • The behavioral questions were asked such as Tell me about yourself and your family.
  • Why do you want to join Info Edge and whether are you willing to relocate to Noida post-pandemic?
  • Are you able to manage with Hindi (as I am south Indian)?

A strong understanding of theoretical core concepts and problem-solving abilities will help you crack the interviews.

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Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2021
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