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InfoEdge Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2021

Round 1 (Screening Round): This was an MCQ Round of 40 min with 2 sections (core computer science technical questions and aptitude questions) having sectional timers as 20 min each. The questions in this round were easy to medium level but it needs to be done really fast because of time constraints.

After this round 18 out of 185 students were shortlisted for interviews. All the interviews were eliminatory rounds.

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1): The interviewer asked the following questions:

  1. Print the following pattern using only 2 for loops.
          * * *
        * * * * *
      * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * 
  2. It was a System Design question to design an application similar to BookMyShow. There were many follow-ups to this question like the scenario in which 2 users try to book the same tickets at the same time. The interview came up with various scenarios and asked the data structure used in each case and the modifications in the previous approach to accommodate the change.
  3. It was a question based on my projects. My resume had a project on resume classification, the interviewer went into its inner details and also asked about the working of search engines.

 Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): The interviewer asked to code the following questions:

  1. Write a program to select random elements from an array without any repetition.

 Round 4 (Technical Interview 3): This round was based on Computer Science fundamentals. Some of the questions are:

  1. What happens when we type URL and press Enter?
  2. Difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  3. Different types of memory in computers.
  4. What happens when the size of your program is more than the size of RAM?
  5. Cache vs RAM
  6. What is Turing Machine?

Round 5 (HR Round): It was more like a discussion. HR asked me to introduce myself and we discussed the previous interviews and the company. 

After all the interviews (held on the same day), 4 students were selected. I was one of them.

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