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InfoEdge Interview Experience for Software Engineering FTE | On-Campus 2022

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Infoedge visited our campus for Full-Time Software Engineering Roles. The Process was of Medium Difficulty.

Round 1(Online Coding Test): It was on the Do-Select Platform. There were 6 sections and each section had a time limit and the Problems were different for everyone.

  • 1st Section consisted of an easy-medium coding Question (Straightforward Question).
  • 2nd Section had a hard coding Question(Based on the Rooting of the tree and Binary Lifting as the constraints were pretty high).
  • The Rest of the sections were MCQs based on Algorithms, Time Complexity, Linux, Internet, DBMS.
  • I found the MCQs to be on a tougher side.
  • One need’s to solve both coding Questions in order to get selected for the next round.

Round 2: Two coding problems(Working Code is Required) and a little bit of discussion on Projects

  • Clone stack s1 to s2 without extra space.
  • Output Triplets where A[i]+A[j]==A[k]. Map Not allowed.

Round 3: Two Coding Problems(Working Code is Required) and a lot of Questions on CN, OS, DBMS, SQL, How does Internet works in general.

  • Don’t exactly remember but it was a string question.
  • Check whether any permutation of the string can be palindrome or not.

Round 4: Discussion on Projects and 1 coding question based on Bellman-Ford Algorithm and some HR Questions.

Round 5: A friendly HR Discussion.

Verdict: Selected!

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Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2021
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