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InfoEdge Interview Experience for Software Engineer 2021 On-Campus

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InfoEdge visited our campus (NIT Agartala) on 22nd July 2021 for the role of Software Engineer. All the details of the rounds are given below:

Round 1: This was an online round and the duration of the test was of 40mins and consisted of 35 questions. 

  • The test was taken on their own website
  • The test consisted of 2 sections of 20 mins each.
  • Section A consisted of questions from quantitative ability, logical reasoning, data interpretations, and a few pattern-based questions.
  • Section B was tested the technical ability of the candidates.
  • This section consisted of various questions from Linux, C, typical pointer C++ pointer questions, and input-output questions.
  • The cutoff of the online round for InfoEdge is kept at around 70 percent which means that out of 35 questions a candidate needs to get at least 24 questions to get shortlisted to the next round.

Suggestion: For clearing this round, descent practice from Indiabix and GFG aptitude would be more than enough as questions were not that tough but time was the key factor. 

Results: The results were declared on 31st July 2021 and only 4 students were shortlisted from our college.

Round 2: The 2nd round was scheduled for 2nd August 2021. My interview was scheduled for 10:30 am but unfortunately, my panelist was not available and my interview was rescheduled for 11:30 am (obviously I was having panic attacks). 

  • The 2nd round started with the introduction of both me and the interviewer, then he told me that InfoEdge has very specific requirements in order to hire Software Engineers.
  • After that, he started by asking me questions from React.js. Several questions from components, how refreshing works in react, working of components in react, etc were asked.
  • Then he gave me a DSA question to find the Loop in a Linked List. He told me to share my screen and code it in the IDE of my choice. I coded it in Eclipse after discussing my approach.
  • When I started coding using Java he was very happy and told me that “It’s very nice that you use Java”. I coded the question in 5mins.
  • Then he asked me several queries from the approach to testing whether I really understand how the code works. After he was satisfied, he asked me to find the length of the loop. I coded that too in about 7 to 8 mins.
  • Then he asked me to find the starting point of the loop. I coded that too in about 5 mins after discussing the approach. Then he asked me to remove the loop from the linked list. I coded the solution along with explaining my approach.
  • Then he moved to the next question, the question was based on arrays and needed to be solved using the Sorting + 2 pointers Algorithm. The interviewer was quite impressed to see that I could get the correct approach to the problem. Then he asked me to code it and run the same. I coded the problem in 5 mins and it passed all his test cases.
  • Then he moved to OOPS. He asked me various OOPS concepts and told me to explain them with real-life examples. I was able to answer all the questions. Then he told me whether I had any questions for him. I asked him about his journey at InfoEdge and he answered it very briefly. This round lasted around 75 mins for me.

Results: HR called me and told me your feedback is very good and your next round is at 2 pm. Only 2 students could clear this round.

Round 3: The 3rd round again started with a very brief introduction of me and the interviewer. 

  • The interviewer then gave me a DSA question which was based on subarray. If you are comfortable in solving subarray questions you can solve this question. I gave the brute force solution and coded it in Eclipse too but he was not satisfied. Then he told me to do the problem in O(n) time. I used HashMap to solve the problem and coded the optimal solution in 10 mins. The interviewer gave me few test cases and my code passed all of them.
  • Then he asked me whether I was comfortable with System Design. He gave me a question to design an elevator for a 100 story building. Firstly I thought it was an HLD problem but the interviewer told me that it was an LLD problem and needs to be coded in the IDE (obviously I panicked because I never designed an elevator). I kept myself calm and asked him various questions regarding the problem. After that, I started coding it and I use the concept of Inheritance and this operator to implement the elevator. The interviewer was really happy to see that I could actually implement OOPS concepts.
  • He further increased the level and told me to design 2 elevators, after a lot of trying I was not able to give the full solution. But the interviewer told me that I did really well in the design part.
  • Then he moved to OS. He asked that as I was not from CSE whether I am comfortable with CS subjects. He asked me about 10 questions from easy to medium and I could answer all. Then he told me whether I had any questions for him. I asked about his journey. He told me he is the Engineering Manager at InfoEdge (that moment I realized why he asked so tough questions). This round again lasted around 70 to 75 mins.

Results: HR called me and told me that I was shortlisted for the 4th round and it was scheduled for 4:30 pm. Only I was able to clear this round.

Round 4: The interview started with a general introduction. 

  • The interviewer was a very senior person in the company and told me he was SDE-III at Amazon and Archesium.
  • Then he asked me about my research internship and what we were trying to do.
  • He then asked me about my projects. After explaining, he asked me in-depth questions about the projects to find out whether I really did these projects of my own.
  • He then asked me several questions from DBMS and OS and to his surprise, I could answer all the questions correctly.
  • He asked me how did I maintain such a high CGPA (above 9) from a non-CSE background and have a strong foundation in CS subjects at the same time. Then he asked me a networking question and the last question was “What happens when an URL is clicked”. I answered this question very briefly by giving him references to caching TLD servers and ISPs. He was really impressed by me and told me that he liked my energy and they need Engineers like me.
  • He also told me about their work culture and I was really impressed by their employee-centric nature. This round lasted around 30 mins.

Results: HR called me and told me to join for HR round.

Round 5: It again started with a general introduction. HR asked me to rate myself on DSA out of 10. 

  • She asked me whether my family got affected by COVID. Then she asked me which feature at I would like to change.
  • After this discussion, HR told me that whether I had any questions for her. I asked about her journey. She told that she is having a great journey at InfoEdge and gave me some insights.

At 5:45 pm, HR called me and told me “Congratulations, you are selected”. I was the only student from the entire college to be selected at InfoEdge. The Management was so much impressed with me that they even offered me 6 months internship with a very high stipend as compared to other Product Based Companies. 

I would like to thank GfG for providing the platform for practicing DSA and aptitude.

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Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2021
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