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InfoEdge Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019
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Infoedge visited our campus on 16th August 2019. The selection process consisted of 4 rounds:
Round 1: This round time duration was 40 minutes.
This round was scheduled on 13th August 2019 on platform and further rounds were scheduled on 16th August 2019.
There were 35 questions to be done in 40 minutes which included –

  • 15 Aptitude Questions – 20 minutes
  • 20 Technical Questions – 20 minutes

For Technical Questions, time was very limited, 21 students got selected for further process.

Round 2: This round was Technical round 1, the time duration for this round was 1 hour 15 minutes. Questions are asked in this round are:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. I have projects on BlockChain and interviewer was not much comfortable so he googled some question on BlockChain and asked me around 10-12 questions on BlockChain.
  3. He asked me a Graph Question:
    There is a chessboard. It is different from normal chessboard. White and black blocks can be anywhere. Source and destination block are given. I was asked to find the path with the minimum number of hops to reach the destination. There was a condition such that all same color consecutive blocks will be considered as singlehop.
  4. He asked me to write working code and I solved this using BFS. He tested my code on 3 inputs (dry run). Again he asked me to solve the same question using DFS. We discussed time complexity as well.
  5. Find the sum of k smallest number in a BST. Again I need to write full working code and need to test 1 test-case.

Any Questions?? I asked a couple of questions.

Round 3: This round was Technical round 2, the time duration for this round was 1 hour 30 minutes. Questions are asked in this round are:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. System design of BookMyShow. He asked to design the algorithm and database for seat booking system. How this system will handle the case when the payment gets failed. Again he asked me to write the query for the timestamp in SQL.
  3. Write the code for time stamp in C. in-c/
  4. Write the code to rearrange the array in maximum-minimum form.
  5. Write the code for rearranging the array in consecutive pair multiplication. For example consider an array with 10 element A0, A1, A2……A9. The resultant array will be A0*A1, A1*A2, A2*A3 and so on. The final array should be in descending order.
  6. I was asked to write my own compare function in sort function. What is stoi function (stoi() function)? Its uses and code to Implement stoi function().
  7. Write code for count set bits is an integer.
  8. Implement power function (pow() function).
  9. Basics of Dynamic Programming. Two questions on DP –

    Some advantages of Dynamic Programming.

  10. What is a Transaction in DBMS and ACID properties?
  11. What is Thread and how it is different from Process?
  12. What are some Linux commands? Write any 5 commands.
  13. Why sudo is used for in commands.
  14. Linux command to run terminal as an administrator.
  15. What is apt-get? How apt-get works behind the scene?
  16. The idea of Topological Sorting.

Round 4: This was the HR round, it took 15 minutes to investigate me. He asked me about me, my background like
Home town, Family background. My preference for Team. After that, We had a discussion about company growth and future aspects.


  1. Be confident for what you speak.
  2. Take your step forward. Try to be firstly interviewed if choice arrives ( They get screwed up at the end and ask questions that the previous candidate failed ).
  3. Before approaching the solution to be clear with edge test-cases. Once you are completely sure then come up with an approach.
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