Infocusp Machine Learning Interview Experience

I applied to Infocusp directly from Infocusp Careers. You can apply from InFoCusp ( 

They have taken a total of 8 rounds including coding and HR rounds. The first three rounds were online rounds. The other five rounds would have been onsite if COVID19 had not been spread. They took my other five rounds online in a day. 

All the rounds are 45 minutes long except last round, coding round which was lasted after one and a half hours. 

Round 1

My first round went well. My interviewer just wanted to check my basic understanding of Machine Learning. He also asked me some puzzles which, I can say, are easy for me. 

Round 2

This round was a discourse about one of my projects from my resume and mathematics behind some ML algorithms. They are expecting you should know the basics of Linear Algebra. 

Round 3

This round was Competitive Programming round as I mentioned on my resume about my Competitive Programming Achievements. He asked me almost all the algorithms and data structures. 

Round 4

In this round, they asked me some intermediate questions and real life scenarios of Machine Learning. 

Round 5

This round basically tested my Software Engineering skills which I also mentioned on my resume. You can also expect some questions from CS fundamentals like DBMS and OS. 

Round 6

The CEO of the Infocusp had taken my interview. This round was mostly a discussion about my Project followed by some mathematical questions which are used in Machine Learning. He asked me lots of counter questions from my explanation. 

Round 7

This was my HR round. 

Round 8

My last round was the coding round where I had been told to solve three problems in one and a half hours. You can expect one easy question and two medium level question from any topics. 

All the interviewers are helpful and always trying to help me to reach the solutions.

All the best!!


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