InfoCusp Interview Experience

Hi. I was working as a Backend Software Developer at (Gurgaon, India). Then I applied for Infocusp for the role of Software Engineer last February.

It was an amazing journey of interviews which I really enjoyed. So I thought let me write this to document my memories and maybe for someone who tried to walk on the same path someday.

(3/2/2020) – My senior from DAIICT and my friend refer me.

(3/3/2020) – Get a call from HR  the next day. She just asked about my current role and my expected CTC etc.

Then I had 2 rounds of video Interviews.

(7/2/2020) – Round 1 – Interviewer1
– He asked me about every project from Resume.
– Explain the ACID properties of the database.
– Check If the given tree is BST, write code.
– Split BST (Binary Search Tree) in two parts such that the sum of their node values becomes equal. (write code)
– Explain OOPs concepts.
– Comparator Vs Comparable in Java.

(12/2/2020) – Round 2 – Interviewer2
– Given two sand clocks which can measure 4 and 7 minutes. Mesure 9 minutes using them.
– Probability of seeing the train at the station in the next 30 minutes is p. What is the probability of seeing the train in the next 10 minutes?
– Design Chess engine and service like
– Remove duplicate from Database in a single query.
– Explain Polymorphism.
– In Python, we can have 2 + 3 and also “me” + “you”. So what is + operator? (Method overloading or method overwriting ?)
– Explain topological sort, BFS and DFS. How its complexity is derived.
– What is a sieve in the Database?
– Explain SQL Vs NoSql
– You have 2 options for shopping. 20% discount on a product or 25% extra product. Which one you’ll choose?
– What is the weighted moving average
– How can we save dictionary of python in Database?
– Given a string “The fat cat sat on the mat.”. Match the words after the word “the”. Write Regix for the same.

Then they called me at Infocusp Office, Ahmedabad for having Onsite Interviews.

(20/2/2020) – Onsite Interviews

Round 3 – Interviewer 3 & 4
– Explain Page-rank algorithm (From my project).
– Design service of Url shortener.
– Find all duplicates in the array (in O(n) time and O(1) space)
– Why we use Nosql Databases like Solr?
– Explain Dijkstra’s algorithm
– Make expression tree. And convert inorder to post order (like a+b to ab+)

Round 4 – Interviewer 5 & 6
– Find the depth of the tree. (write code)
– Explain about microservices.
– Static Vs singleton class in Java.
– Why we use Interface in Java?
– Given 2 arrays. find the maximum possible dot product of their values (arrange values so that dot product becomes maximum, Values can be negative as well)

Round 5 – HR Round – Interviewer 7
– Asked many things about my personality and tell about company culture etc.

Then they ordered lunch for me and I had a great time having it. Also, it is worth mentioning they give me full tickets cost from Gurgaon to Ahmedabad and also return.

Round 6 – Interviewers – 8(CEO), 9
– Ask many compiler level things which I don’t remember exactly.
– Why do you want to join Infocusp?
– Explain the static keyword.
– Why we use Iterators over simple for loops.
– In your directory, you have over 10^7 files where ls command won’t work. Write your own ls to list all the files.
– What are the Gambits in Chess? Which one do you use?
– How chess engines like stockfish works, and how engines like Alpha-0 works.
– Asked many more things about chess which I really enjoyed but not mentioning here.

Round 7 – Interviewer – 10 (CTO), 11
– Explain Authentication Vs Authorization and how you’ll implement it. And also aksed various other things related to Authorization.
– Database design of the given University scenario (Can not explain exactly here).
– In Tree, find Common parent of 2 given nodes. (write code).
– Asked many questions about things I’ve done in my current role.

Round – 8 Coding Round – 11
– I had to code 2 problems in preferred Language and preferred environment. They were not very easy and not very hard. Didn’t remember the exact problem statements.

And that’s it!

Note that there were many questions etc which I don’t remember now. Naturally, I remember those things most which I answered correctly. And also many questions were meant specifically to me like chess questions. So they may not be relative to others.

Then I eagerly waited for a week for the results.

And finally, on one beautiful morning, I was sleeping hard. I wake up as my phone was ringing. It was the call from HR and she said yes!

(2/3/2020) – Result

I am very happy to be selected, Thank you Infocusp.

Then this corona thing happened. So I had a farewell from home and then joining from home.

(2/4/2020) Started Job.

It’s been a month and I had a very good time working with Infocusps.

Thank you for reading!

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