Infoblox Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Infoblox visited our campus in November 2018. The whole process took 2 days.

Online test(Round 1) :
Difficulty level – easy to medium
Time alloted – 60 min
The first round was a mix of both behavioral and aptitude. You can easily get through if you are thorough with the problems on number system, time and work, profit and loss, percentage, permutation and probability. For the verbal section, you just need to have a basic understanding of English grammar. Questions from this section will generally be error detection and correction of sentences. The behavioral section completely depends on your attitude towards the work and colleagues. Infoblox highly emphasize on friendly and stress free work culture.

Coding test(Round 2) :
Difficulty level – medium to hard
Time alloted – 45 min
After first round, around 30 people were selected for the second round. There were 2 coding problems, one on string and the other on ArrayList. The problem
on string was to find the reverse(from strings stored in list) and check if the alternate character is a vowel. The second problem was similar to

Technical Interview(Round 3) :
9 people were shortlisted after round 2. I was one among them. The interview started with basic questions about myself, the projects I’ve worked on and the technologies I’m interested in. This is the time you can brief about the topics you are confident about because further questions will be based on your answer. I said I’m good with data structures and database. He asked me to write a pseudo code to reverse a linked list and do the same using queues.
Then he asked me questions on UNIX commands, OOPS concepts, IPC techniques, and a DB query. It wasn’t a stress interview. The interviewer gave me proper time to compose my thoughts and speak the best out of my knowledge. Apart from this, you need to have a basic and clear understanding of DNS, DHCP, and Cloud as they are working on same.

HR Interview(Round 4) :
This round is much focussed on your extra-curriculum and attitude towards people. You need to be confident with your answers. Here, you can brief about your hobbies and how you make time for it from your daily routine. I had mentioned about my interest in writing articles and blogs. They might also ask you which domain you are interested in, as you will be assigned to different teams based on your interest.

Result :
The results were announced within a week. I got through and they had offered me internship for 6 months.

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