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Info Edge India Interview Experience for Software Engineer Role 2021 (Off-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2021
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Round 1: Online Test (24 Jan 2021)

15 Aptitude MCQs (20 Minutes): Medium difficulty.

20 Technical MCQs (20 Minutes): Easy to medium difficulty.

Round 2: Tech Interview 1 (3 Feb 2021)

  1. Introduction
  2. Project 1 discussion (Web Development based)
  3. Project 2 discussion (ML/DL based)
  4. Coding Ques:
  5. Coding Ques: We toss a dice, and whichever number comes up, we move by that. Find the number of probability (or ways) to reach a distance of exactly x in exactly m dice spins.
    Ex. Distance=10, spins=2, answer=3 ways ([4,6],[5,5],[6,4])

Note: After discussing the approach, both codes need to be written in any local IDE of your choice.

Round 3: Tech Interview 2 (18 Feb 2021)

Started with a friendly discussion for 30 minutes about interests, hobbies, school life, college life, company preference – Service based/Product based, already have an offer or not – just to make the candidate comfortable.

Main Interview starts with OS:

  1. What is thread?
  2. What is process?
  3. Should we divide a process into sub-threads or sub-processes, advantages/disadvantages of doing so?
    • Two Scenarios: In one we have a program to do basic arithmetic operations and in the other, we have to call external services, how many threads would you run the two programs?
  4. What are page faults?
  5. Reasons for more page faults?
  6. Effect on page faults on OS and on which part of OS (Ans is Kernal)?

Moved to DBMS:

  1. Advantages of DBMS?
  2. ACID properties?
  3. Explain how DBMS solves the issue of concurrency?
  4. Joins and its 4 types?

Coding Questions:

  1. Given a sorted array rotated sometimes, search for a number?
    Ex. [6,7,1,3,4], target = 7, answer= True

    Solution expected: Modified Binary search (logn) + write the code

  2. Same question of tech round 1, but a bit modified. Find the number of ways to reach a distance of exactly x in exactly n moves. In each move, we can move a distance between 1 to m (m is given)
    Ex. Distance=10, moves=2, m=6, answer=3 ways 
    ([4,6], [5,5], [6,4]) + write the code

Round 4: Technical Round 3 (23 Feb 2021)

  1. Can you define the only constructor of a class as private? If yes, how will you create the objects?
  2. SQL Query involving Date and index
  3. Coding Ques: Evaluate the expr with x,y,z given:
    Ex: x+y*z, x=1,y=2,z=3, answer=7
    Ex. (x+y) / (x+z), x=1,y=5, z=2, answer = 2

    And write the code.

    Solution: Convert to postfix, then solve using stack.

  4. Round 5: HR Round (24 Feb 2021):

    1. How were the technical Rounds?
    2. How would you rate yourself in the rounds?
    3. Since you chose 7-8, what would you try to improve?
    4. Since your domain in web development, what changes would you suggest to our site? (I told I have seen the site)
    5. How do you keep yourself updated in tech? (I said medium and Linkedin)
    6. Why do you want to join Info Edge?

    Special thanks to GeeksforGeeks for the preparation resources. All the very best 🙂

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