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Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience for Associate Software Developer | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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Eligibility Criteria: Throughout 65% (10th,12th, UG, and PG individually)

Round 1: The first round comprised of 65 MCQ questions (Test Duration: 65 minutes):

  • This round consisted of objective Single choice questions on 4 sections – SQL, OOPS, C#, JavaScript in the Mettl Test platform.
  • You can shift to any section.
  • There was no negative marking.
  • The test was not procured.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round-1): The interview started with Tell me about yourself.

  • Explain OOPs Concept.
  • Why are abstract classes needed over interface? (Explained with real-life example)
  • I was asked to share my screen and write a code of merge sort on online ide.
  • A is Base class and B is Derived Class Then which are valid Statements?
        A a1=new A();  //Valid
        A a2=new B();  //Valid
        B b1=new B(); //Valid
        B b2=new A(); //Invalid        
  • How to get a third-last element of the linked list? ( You are not given the size of the linked list.)
  • Every element appears thrice except one element. Solve it in 0(N) Time complexity with no restriction on space complexity.
        Input: [2,2,2,1,3,3,3]
  • How will you fetch your name using the MongoDB query? (I have mentioned MongoDb in my resume.)
  • What is left join on these two tables?
              Table A       Table B
              1              1
              2              2
              3              3
              3              4
              1               1
              2               2
              3               3
              3               3
  • You have to distribute 17 horses to three persons where A gets 1/2 horses B gets 1/3 and C gets 1/9.
    A=ceil(17/2)=9 horses
    B=ceil(17/3)=6 horses
    C=ceil(17/9)=2 horses

The interview Duration was 35-40 minutes.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)

  • I was asked which programming language I am comfortable with. ( I told Java)
  • Why do you need a protected modifier and explain with real-life examples?
  • Why do you need interfaces in java?
  • Can you create an object of the parent class with reference to the child class? (Ans: No)
  • What is function overloading?
  • Can we overload the function with the same name and signature but a different return type? (Ans: No)
        int fun(int a);
        String fun(int a);
  • Sir shared his screen and I need to tell the output of the Program. (Question was on Dynamic polymorphism).
  • Difference between centralized and noncentralized Databases?
  • I was asked to write a join query. Sir has shared his screen to show me tables which I need to join.

The interview Duration was 20-25 minutes.

Round 4(HR Round): I was asked to read my resume for her.

  • I was asked do I know what will be my job responsibilities.
  • She asked me do I know the names of my interviews in Round 1 and Round 2.
  • Explain Academics projects.
  • Explain Internships.
  • Have you ever worked in a team? Then what do you do in case of conflict?
  • I was asked if I have any questions for her. (I asked one).

The interview Duration was 10-15 minutes.

Tips: Read your resume before the interview. Be calm & answer politely.

Verdict: Selected

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