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India’s Super Brain 2021 – An Alien Brains Initiative Powered By GeeksforGeeks!

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India’s Super Brain (ISB), a remarkable coding competition where you get mentored first and then compete, is back for the year 2021 for all the geeks out there! With the idea of mentoring students in a planned way before they compete; and do it in multiple technologies each season, this Alien Brains initiative looks forward to creating a level-headed platform, where participants can learn, can grow, and can win handsomely too. The main concern behind this is to get participants started in their respective personal and professional journeys and make them every possible chance of winning or achieving a certain level of growth on the other side of this competition.  


India’s Super Brain 2021 is a leaderboard-driven coding competition, where while the respective Top 100 winners of each topic will receive cash prizes, the candidates with the highest cumulative scores across 3 topics will eventually line up for the podium finish of India’s Super Brain 2021. Meanwhile, the Top 50 eventual winners will then be invited for a fully sponsored 3 day Hackathon in Delhi, where they would further get mentored and compete for building next-gen products (Sounds exciting, right?)

India’s Super Brain 2021

ISB 2021 is about getting started in building next-gen products from scratch with 2 weeks of optional live hands-on mentorship program of 40+ hours for each topic with an average of 4 hours per day coupled with doubt sessions every day that will help you compete with topic experts on the same level. From January’21 to May’21, through a series of live doubt sessions and pre-recorded videos the ISB mentorship team will walk you through an entire product development lifecycle, with specific 100+ hours worth of complimentary sessions on how to get started developing a product, prototyping ideas with UI/UX designing, developing hybrid apps using React Native, deploying apps real-time on the cloud, and then solving post-deployment issues.

Through these complimentary sessions, candidates will get started on a guided journey on how to build a product with a pre-defined roadmap. And then with the next-gen topics during the competition from June’21-July’21, the participants will get an idea on how to develop next-gen products. Then, the hackathon post these competitions will be used to show how to put the knowledge acquired into practical use.

Competition Structure ISB 2021:  

  • IoT with Machine Learning (14th June – 24th June 2021)
  • Advanced Algorithms & Data Structure (28th June – 8th July 2021)
  • Game Development (12th July – 22nd July 2021)

Benefits of Participation:

  • Learn and Earn at the same time
  • Understand your capability of grasping new concepts
  • Win the amazing cash prizes, rewards, and jobs/internships opportunities
  • Get the guided roadmap on how to get started with technology
  • Get to know how dynamic you are and having an ability to excel if mentored in the right way

Awards / Perks:

  • Total prizes worth 9 Lakh Rupees
  • Job and Internship offers at Alien Brains
  • Top 50 will win a Chance to travel to Delhi for a 3-Day Hackathon! (Fully Sponsored)

India’s Super Brain 2021 – Powered by GeeksforGeeks

Needless to say that GeeksforGeeks has always been the go-to platform for any tech aspirant to study for their college course or prepare for interviews, or build up a knowledge base as a student of computer science. And for ISB 2021, GeeksforGeeks has joined hands with Alien Brains and made an exciting announcement for the participants, where they declared that every participant will get an INR 300 discount voucher from GeeksforGeeks for any of GFG courses or programs, as well as special free access to top 100 Winners of “India’s Super Brain” with an Amazon SDE Test Series for interview preparation.

In short, this is a competition where everyone wins something! So, find your reason to participate and while we are discovering India’s Super Brain – you’ll surely end up discovering your capabilities and most importantly yourself.

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Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2021
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