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Incture Technology Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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I was interviewed at Incture Technologies on 15 September 2020, the process took one day and it was on-campus placement and was held on microsoft team

Eligibility criteria : 60-70% throughout (criteria may vary from college to college)

Branches :CSE/ECE/MCA

4 rounds:

1.Online test on “Skillenza”.

2.System Design test

3.Technical Interview

4.Hr interview

Round 1:

Online test had 4 sections which are as follows:

– 10 quantitative aptitude questions(15 minute)

– 10 logical questions(15 minute)

– 10 verbal questions(15 minute)

– 2 codding problem (available language only c, c++, Java) (45 minute) (1: Merge Interval, 2: Find mother vertex in a graph)

In this round 27 students(including me) were selected out of 242 students.

Round 2:

System Design round (It was an elimination round and was very important because if selected in this round their maybe questions on system design in technical round and HR round depends on interviewer).

(Ques 1- If you were to redesign surge pricing for Ola and Uber to work for auto and cycle rickshaw in tier 2 cities.

Ques 2- Cinema theatre dynamic differential seat pricing to optimize utilization of seats vs revenue for theatre.

Guidlines for solving system design questions:

– Problem statement

– Solution in bullets(No essay)

-Flowchart representing your solution ideas

-Summary notes


We had to choose any one of the question and write it on either paper or in word and has to submit it in the pdf format.

I chose to write on the 1st question and luckily got selected in this round.

Out of  27 students 18 students were selected including me .

Round 3: 

Technical round , it was held on microsoft team and questions asked are as follows:

1) Tell me something about yourself.

2) Detail discussion on project. (A simple question on join)

3) Which language you prefer(C or Java)?

    I answered CPP and there was a question on CPP (Dynamic allocation in Cpp and compare it with C language).

4) OOPs concept with real life example from java.

5) Multithreading.

6) From Data Structures (Linked List and its implementation , Tree traversal , stack , queue)

7) Process synchronization from OS.

8) Last question from interviewer(Do you have any question for me?) be prepared for this question and keep a question ready.

I was selected in this round.

Round 4: 

HR round  

1) Tell me something about yourself.

2) What else you have done other than studies?

3) Real life implementation of your studies.

4) Strength & weakness.

5) What are your future plans related with further studies?

6) In which field you would like to make your career.

7) What do you know about the company?

8) Last question from interviewer(Do you have any question for me?) be prepared for this question and keep a question ready.


Give a detail explanation of your project tell each and every point like if you have made a module then why you did this what the problem that you faced while making the project and all.

Know yourself before any interview.

Be calm & answer politely and if you don’t know the answer tell the interviewer very politely about it and be genuine and keep a sweet smile on your face .

Finally 6 students were placed (including me).

4 from Btech and 2 from MCA

Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2020
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