Incture Technologies Interview Experience

Hi , I am an Electronics student.
Incture technologies visited our college on June 29th.They had 4 rounds of selection.

 Round 1:

This round consists of
1.Quantitative Aptitude(10 Questions)
2.Logical Reasoning (10 Questions)
3.Verbal(10 Questions)
4.Coding(1 Questions)

The above three parts can be easily solved. But the coding question was little tricky.It was based on matrics question.
And the question pattern was similar to the GFG practice question.So make sure u solve practice question.And most importantly even thought u don’t know the way to
approach the question, try to code whatever u know based on your knowledge. Out of 200 people 30 students were shortlisted.

Round 2:

This was a design round.Here they provided 2 question
1.Using modern technology how do u solve problems in India.
2.Using solar cell how do u provide power to college so that it consumes less electricity from outside.

I chose question 1 and provided some Data Science solution to problems in India.

But the twist is evaluation of this round is done in the next round that is Technical Round.

Round 3:

This was Technical Round. In this round 3 students were called by an interviewer. For a 1st student he was asked to explain the code that he had written during 1st
round.For 2nd student he was asked to explain the design that he designed during 2nd round.For me he asked to write a program to reverse the string that should be
more efficient.I wrote the program using pointers instead of traditional approach of reversing and he was impressed.And he asked me to explain the design of 2nd round.
immediately after coming from outside i was called for an HR interview.

Round 4:

This round took about 40 min. HR was a lady and she was very friendly. She asked many questions based on my Resume, my interest, about my family and my future planning.
Be honest and calm, you will never know how the time will pass.
After this round, shortlist was announced.Out of many people only six were selected and i was one among them.

Thank you.

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