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INA WEBTECH Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2020

INA WEBTECH is a subsidiary of INA INTERNET PRIVATE LIMITED. Given below is my interview experience.

I was graduated from Victoria Institution College on 2017. After that I was searching for jobs but I am unable to find one stable job. One day I was searching jobs online and came to know about INA WEBTECH internship job for Digital Marketing. As Digital Marketing is quiet a big thing for today’s world. Back then in 2017 I did some online courses in digital marketing so I thought it would be a best way to start my career as an intern. Then I received a message from them that I was selected. As I didn’t know the name of the company’s director I mistakenly took him as her and refer to him as Ma’am. I was ashamed when I got to know he was a male. It was 2:30 am in the morning when I received the message and there they mentioned that the coming Saturday will be my interview. It was the last week of April of 2018. I was very excited for the interview as the interview had to happen on Skype.

Interview Day:

I prepared myself for the interview by going through their websites and collected some information regarding their work area. It’s 4:00 pm when my Skype call started ringing. My heart sank a little bit and out of nervousness I picked the call and greeted them. In the interview panel there were two person on their side. But as soon as i saw a blank screen I turned off my camera. One of the interview person was the MD sir and one was the Manager. So I greeted both of them and the interview got started. They asked me about myself which I answered. On the another question they asked me about why I want to choose my career as digital marketing I replied that too. The another question was my skills which I mentioned in the CV that I know some editing software’s and they looked quiet impress because of it. So after the interview they asked me what I would like to have my designation if I will be selected I was like is this really happening today. Then I said whatever you decide. Then at last they asked me if I have any question for which I replied to them that I wanted to know if I am selected or not. For which both the interview panel person laughed (being a newbie in the interview field led me to this embarrassment), but they supported me and talked with one another for 2 or 3 minutes after keeping my call on hold. Then I received a hello and for the answer I said yes yes sir. Then the good news of my life pour into my ears which is I AM SELECTED. I was on the cloud 9 I guess, recalling that memory was a bliss for me.

Sometimes someone said it correctly. Everything happens for a Reason.

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