Important Tips on How To Prepare for the GRE

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the prestigious competitive exam taken for admission in graduate schools across the United States. Preparing for GRE is therefore important. Following are the tips, which must be kept in mind while preparing for GRE-

  1. Choose the study material wisely:
    It is important to carefully choose what you read. Good study material helps in strengthening the concepts. It is advised to follow any one GRE preparation book by some known publication house.

  2. Plan your study:
    Prepare well for the big day. Make your own time tables and follow them on strict basis. Allot proper time to reading new words and take timely tests.

  3. Focus on Quant:
    This is the area which will help in fetching marks. Quant section deals with simple maths problems, which help in increasing the overall score.

  4. Prepare for AWA:
    Follow a format and practice the writing contents for AWA using that format. It will help to put the ideas and thoughts in a systematic manner. Include real-life examples in the content as much as possible.

  5. Prepare Mentally:
    GRE is a time based test where specific time is alloted for each section. One minute break is alloted after each section is complete and a ten minute break is provided after the third section.

  6. Build Strong Vocabulary:
    Break the GRE words into prefix, root and suffix. Remember the most frequently used of them and the different words which can be made using them.

  7. Target Universities:
    Set the universities which you prefer to seek admission in. Be well aware of the scores they accept and aim at achieving that score.

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