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Important Reasons for Selecting Weebly for Building a Website

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020

Weebly runs 40 million websites worldwide. More than twelve million registered users are associated with it. It is simple and easy to use website designing tools available on the web. You can develop and publish your site online in a short time with Weebly without holding technical expertise. Below are some reasons why people prefer to select to build a website:

1. Drag and Drop Feature: The drag and drop editor interface is one of the most important qualities of Weebly. Contrary to other website development platforms, there is no need to spend time installing or finding plugins. Though with limitations, you can do a lot from Weebly. Elements that are assembled in the editor can be dragged into the content area of the website to start building a website.

2. Can Avoid Unwanted Ads: A most irritating aspect of free website builders is the ads shown by them. These advertisements distract the site visitors and you left with no option unless you go for an upgrade. So, Weebly is the most favorable site designing tool that never displays ads.

3. Integrate Multimedia Content: In Weebly, you can add flash content just by adding an element. Also, video or audio codes can be integrated using the custom HTML element. This website development platform has the capability to drop images directly in the content area without using any element. It will ask to automatically consider images as a gallery if there would be multiple images.

4. SEO is Easy: It would be hardly a copy paste work while integrating the webmaster tools authentication code in Weebly. Different scripts can be added to every single webpage or to the complete website just through pasting it in the code section of the header or footer. For a Weebly based website, setting up 301 redirects for your site is also very easy by just entering your old and new URLs.

5. Get access to CSS and HTML codes: While developing a website, Weebly provides access to source code of the site which opens infinite scope for adding desired features. It even provides you the facility to import new themes for your site and use the insert element to add customizable HTML codes on your pages.

6. Protected Passwords: Websites that have been developed using Weebly can be protected with passwords. Whether it is a complete website or a single individual page, you can secure them with unique passwords. Depending on your preference, either you can exclude your whole website or a specific page from the search engine’s crawling.

7. Separate Mobile Device Builder: Weebly is a specific website builder having the mobile device builder feature. While building a website using the platform, you get the automatically generated mobile version of it. Based on your needs, you can do customization in it. The kind of feature present in Weebly makes it the best option for anyone.

For the survival of your online business, using Weebly is incredibly important. It helps you to add, eliminate, and reorganize modules separately from the desktop site.

8. Flexible: Weebly is one of the most suitable platforms for website development. It facilitates you with almost 10 website creation per account. You will also have the option to upload an endless number of files within the available terms and conditions.

9. Host and Export Options: It doesn’t matter if you are a paid customer or not, Weebly helps you to host your website for free. The specific website development platform facilitates you with unlimited storage space. Those who are accessing Weebly for free can’t upload having a size of more than 10MB. Paid members can go for the larger the storage limit.

Weebly allows website exporting as a ZIP archive. This feature is present in the admin area. After completing the exporting process, the website can be upload to a hosting provider and it will work in the same way as it works on Weebly.

10. Great Customer Service: Weebly has an amazing customer support team. You can expect to get quick answers for all your emails and tickets without any delay. Depending on the preference, you can either contact the support team via phone, support page, or by posting your query on social websites like Twitter/Facebook. Besides this, the live chat option is also available for you.

While using Weebly, you can access a guide that helps users to understand the step-by-step process. It has also a search feature for the tutorials that have been explained in detail.

Using Weebly is a great experience for building websites. It has the easy site-building feature and you get several options to design unique and appealing websites from it. The platform like Weebly is suitable for those who are new to website creation and to those who are new to it. One of the major qualities of Weebly is that it can develop several online stores within your websites. Even if you don’t have many products, this eCommerce platform will provide a great boost to your business.

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