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Important Battles of Babar, Humayun and Akbar Rule

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2024
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STAFF SELECTION COMMISSION COMBINED GRADUATE LEVEL EXAM has a wide syllabus. In this General Study, the syllabus of  History subject has a major and important part. Following we are presenting a list of the Important Battles of the Mughal Emperor Babar, Humayun and Akbar periods. In every exam of SSC CGL, 1 or 2 questions were asked about these topics. So it is an important topic for every candidate, who is preparing for that exam.

Battle                 Year     Participants                Winner            
First Battle of Panipat 1526  Babar Vs Ibrahim Lodi  Babar
Battle of Khanwa 1527  Babar Vs Rana Sanga Babar
Battle of Chanderi  1528  Babar Vs Madiniray Babar
Battle of Ghaghra 1529  Babar Vs Afghan Babar
Battle of Kalinjar 1531  Humayun Vs Prataprudradev Treaty 
Battle of Gujarat  1535 Humayun Vs Bahadurshah Humayun
Battle of Surajgarh 1534  Sherkhan Vs ruler of Bengal Sherkhan
Battle of Chunargarh 1538  Humayun Vs Kutub khan Humayun
Battle of Chausa 1539  Humayun Vs Sherkhan Sherkhan
Battle of Kannauj 1540  Humayun Vs Sherkhan Sherkhan
Battle of Sammel 1543 Shershah Vs Maldeo Shershah
Battle of Kalinjar 1545 Shershah Vs Veerbhan Shershah
Battle of Machhiwara 1555 Humayun Vs Tatarkhan Humayun
Battle of Sirhind 1555 Humayun Vs Sikandar Suri Humayun
Second Battle of Panipat 1556 Akbar Vs Hemu Akbar
Akbar’s Military Campaigns      
Malwa 1561 Akbar Vs Bajbahadur  Akbar
Chunar 1561 Akbar Vs Abdollah Khan Ozbeg Akbar
Gondwana 1564 Akbar Vs Veernarayana Akbar
Merta 1562 Akbar Vs Sharifuddin  Akbar
Mewar 1567 Akbar Vs Udai Singh Akbar
Battle of Haldighati 1576 Akbar Vs Maharana Pratap Akbar
Ranthambore 1569 Akbar Vs Surjanray Akbar
Kalinjar  1569 Akbar Vs Ramchandra Akbar
Marwar 1570 Akbar Vs Chandrasen Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Jaisalmer 1570 Akbar Vs Hararay Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Bikaner 1570 Akbar Vs Ray Kalyanmal Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Gujarat 1572 Akbar Vs Muzaffar khan Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Surat  1573  Akbar Vs Muhammad husen mirza Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Paatan  1573 Akbar Vs  Muhammad husen mirza Akbar’s suzerainty accepted
Kabul  1581 Akbar Vs Mirza Hakim  Akbar
Kashmir 1586 Akbar Vs Yusuf khan  Akbar
Sindh 1591 Akbar Vs Zamibeg Akbar
Orissa 1591 Akbar Vs Nisar khan Akbar
Khandesh 1591  Akbar Vs Ali khan  Akbar
Balochistan 1595 Akbar Vs Afghan Panni Akbar
Kandhar 1595 Akbar Vs Muzaffar Hussain shahbeg Akbar
Ahmednagar 1597  Akbar Vs Chand Bibi Akbar
Asirgarh 1601 Akbar Vs Mir Bahadur  Akbar

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