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Importance of Maintenance Record

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  • Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2020
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Maintenance record, as name suggests, is a document that includes information regarding each repair and maintenance work that is done on asset or equipment. In simple words, it keeps tracks of assets failures and repairs. It is one of best way to maintain health and safety management. It also improves asset management as such record includes information such as :

  • Time and date when maintenance is required to be done.
  • Type of maintenance required to be done.
  • Asset details such as number, parts required, working condition, etc.
  • Risk associated with it.
  • Environment condition and its affect.

Advantages of keeping Maintenance Record :
There are several benefits of keeping maintenance record. Some of them are given below :

  1. Prevent Expensive Repairs :
    Asset Maintenance is something that leads to increase in overall cost of organizations. Some assets maintenance is less costly and some of them are very high. Repair cost is simply amount required to bring back asset back to its normal working condition. Maintenance record keeps information regarding reach maintenance and repair done on equipment. With help of maintenance record, one can easily determine when and which maintenance strategy is required to be performed on particular asset. These helps to prevent assets from failure and reduces cost required to repair.

  2. Increases Safety :
    Maintenance record also includes information regarding affect of each assets failure on system, employees, environment. It also includes information regarding how workers or operators are performing their tasks. With help of maintenance record, one can easily determine how severe asset is, when its going to fail, how it can be prevented from failure so that one can take measure steps to prevent it from occurrence. This is turn reduces risk regarding safety and environmental health. It also helps one to ensure that which equipment’s are safe to work with. Even operators or workers also perform their task in well manner.

  3. Replacing Equipment :
    Maintenance record includes information regarding asset failure about number of times particular asset is getting failed, asset condition. One can easily determine about working condition of asset, when asset is required to repair, cost associated with each repair of particular asset. One of main advantage is that, one can easily determine when asset is required to be replaced. If repair cost of asset is more than cost required to replace with new one, then its much better to replace asset with new one as it can reduce cost, reduces failure occurrences, includes warranty, minimizes effort required to repair, etc.

  4. Reduce Labor Workload :
    As we know that with help of maintenance record, one can prevent failure from occurrence. It helps to reduces unnecessary maintenance work required, schedule maintenance work that is required, help management to ensure employees, workers or labors that are performing well, labors that are required to perform tasks. This simply reduces efforts required to repair assets. In turn, it reduces number of labors required to perform task and as well as reduce labor workload.

  5. Manage Each Machine :
    Maintenance record keeps each information about assets. It includes working details, maintenance details, repair details, working environment, its processing, risk associated with it, etc. With help of all this information, one can perform maintenance task whenever required so that assets condition is maintained well, prevent it from failures, and increases its life span.

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