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Import Export of Data in Excel

Last Updated : 15 May, 2021
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MS-Excel has one more advantage that not only the MS-Office other packages but also the outer packages can also bring data and can even send it, here we will discuss how to send data from MS-word and how to bring it to Excel.

Importing Data from MS-Word to Excel 

Here we will discuss two ways the first one is simply copied and paste method through which data is imported to excel and the second is from the External source option in the Quick Access Toolbar. 

Method 1: Simple Copy and Paste method for importing data to excel from word

  • You can bring an MS-Word table of any data to the excel worksheet if you have prepared any table in Word. So you can bring that table to MS-Excel just like the way it is in Word if apart from the table there is certain text or without a table, the list is been formed then you can also put the type of text and list in Excel.

Data prepared in word

Excel Sheet where the data has to be imported


  • From each Enter sign, there will be a new line starting in the worksheet.

The Green Rectangular Box is a selected area if you press Enter key the cursor will shift to the next line

  • If you prepare a document while keeping these points in mind, so you can bring that part to the worksheet in excel, for this you use the copy and paste commands option from which you are familiar now.

All the copied actions are stored in the clipboard

  • Assume that you have created a small list in MS-Word in which for separating fields you have used tabs.

For bringing the list from Word to Excel do the following things:

• Select the part you want to take to Excel.

This  grey color is the selected content we want to copy and paste

• Now click on the copy button in the home tab clipboard part or click on the right button of the mouse for selecting a copy option.

• Start the Excel program and open the worksheet where you want to take data.

• You want to link the data to whatever cell click on that cell in the worksheet and select it.

• Now in the home tab Clipboard part click on the paste option or click on the mouse right button and now the data will link on the worksheet. If you have selected the A1 cell and given the paste command then the worksheet will work. 

  • By increasing the column length and Width you can read the whole data easily.

  • You do this by taking the word table into excel and all the settings are just like that, you must do the practice on your own.

Method 2: Importing data to excel by using Get External Data Option

Now we will discuss another way of importing data to excel from word. 

  • Firstly, prepare content in a word and select.

  • Then in the File menu select Save As option.

  • The Save As dialogue box will appear below the file name the Save as type blank is there in that select the Plain Text option.

  • The File Conversion dialogue box will be seen press ok.

  • The data as a text file is saved.

  • Now in the Excel sheet, the Get External Data option in the Data menu goes to From Access option and select the file you want to import to excel by pressing the open button.

  • The text import wizard will appear, from there the brake lines will be seen you can separate it into the year and description and press the next button.

  • Now import the data dialogue box will appear press ok and continue the process.

  • Finally, the whole content will be copied to excel from word.


Transferring data from Excel to Word

Taking data from excel to word is again easy, in this, you do not need to worry about Tab and Enter key, in this you use the paste and copy option just like before.

  • For practice, select the data you have created in an Excel sheet and copy the whole content by selecting it.

The cut line show that the content is selected for copying

  • Once copied open MS-Word and put your cursor to the area where you want to paste the content copied from excel.

  • Press paste command the whole content will be copied to word in a tabular form.

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