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Implementation of Tree Topology in Cisco

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  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2022
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Pre-Requisite: Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree Topology

In the tree topology of networking, the elements and devices are arranged like a tree structure and have branches of connections between the devices connected to each other. To implement tree topology in Cisco there are various steps as follows:

Steps to Configure and Setup Tree Topology in Cisco Packet Tracer:

Step 1: First, open the Cisco packet tracer desktop and select the devices given below:


IP Addressing Table

S.NODeviceIPv4 AddressSubnet Mask
  • Then, create a network topology as shown below the image.
  • Use an Automatic connecting cable to connect the devices with others.


Step 2: Configure the PCs (hosts) with IPv4 address and Subnet Mask according to the IP addressing table given above.

  • To assign an IP address in PC0, click on PC0.
  • Then, go to desktop and then IP configuration and there you will IPv4 configuration.
  • Fill IPv4 address and subnet mask.


  •  Assigning an IP address using the ipconfig command, or we can also assign an IP address with the help of a command.
  • Go to the command terminal of the PC.
  • Then, type ipconfig <IPv4 address><subnet mask><default gateway>(if needed)
Example: ipconfig


  • Repeat the same procedure with other PCs to configure them thoroughly.

Step 3: Verify the connection by pinging the IP address of any host in PC0.

  • Use the ping command to verify the connection.
  • We will check if we are getting any replies or not.
  • As we can see, we are getting replies from a targeted node on both PCs.
  • Hence the connection is verified.
ping <targeted node's IP address>


  • A simulation of the experiment is given below we have sent two PDU packets one targeted from PC0 to PC3 and another targeted from PC1 to PC5.


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