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Implementation of Ring Topology in Cisco

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Ring topology is a kind of arrangement of the network in which every device is linked with two other devices. This makes a circular ring of interconnected devices which gives it its name. Data is usually transmitted in one direction along the ring, known as a unidirectional ring. The data is delivered from one device to the next until it reaches the decided destination. In a bidirectional ring, data can travel in either direction.

To learn about Ring Topology refer to the Advantages and Disadvantages of ring topology article.

Steps to Configure and Setup Ring Topology in Cisco Packet Tracer :

Step 1: First, open the cisco packet tracer desktop and select the devices given below:

S.NODeviceModel Name

IP Addressing Table

S.NODeviceIPv4 AddressSubnet Mask
  • Then, create a network topology as shown below the image.
  • Use an Automatic connecting cable to connect the devices with others.


Step 2: Configure the PCs (hosts) with IPv4 address and Subnet Mask according to the IP addressing table given above.

  • To assign an IP address in PC0, click on PC0.
  • Then, go to desktop and then IP configuration and there you will IPv4 configuration.
  • Fill IPv4 address and subnet mask.


  •  Assigning IP address using the ipconfig command, or we can also assign an IP address with the help of a command.
  • Go to the command terminal of the PC.
  • Then, type ipconfig <IPv4 address><subnet mask><default gateway>(if needed)
Example: ipconfig


  • Repeat the same procedure with other PCs to configure them thoroughly.

Step 3: Verify the connection by pinging the IP address of any host in PC0.

  • Use the ping command to verify the connection.
  • As we can see we are getting replies from a targeted node on both PCs.
  • Hence the connection is verified.


  • A simulation of the experiment is given below we have sent two PDU packets one targeted from PC0 to PC2 and another targeted from PC1 to PC3.


Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2022
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