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Impetus Technologies Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021

There were basically 4 rounds conducted at Impetus Technologies:

  1. Written Round
  2. Technical Round 1
  3. Technical Round 2 
  4. HR Round

I applied at impetus in July 2021 and interviewed in the month of August 2021.

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Written Round: This round was for 1.5 hours and had 2 coding questions to be solved and 2 SQL queries were to be written. Both coding questions were easy and the SQL queries were medium to difficult range.

On the same day I got a mail that my interview is scheduled on the next day.

Technical Round 1: This round went for about 1 hour. The interviewer started with the introduction. The questions were as follows:

  • Explain OOPs and their features.
  • What is abstraction and can we inherit abstract classes or not. Then she gave me a code based on abstraction and inheritance and asked me to print the output.
  • What is operator overloading and asked to write the code of it?
  • What is copy constructor and explain it with an example
  • What is the difference between linked list and array and a comparison of the time complexity for different operations in an array and linked list?
  • What is BCNF
  • Difference between unique key and primary key.
  • What is self join and asked to write a query based on that
  • Writing the program of Fibonacci series using recursion and DP and then dry run them.
  • What is pre tag in HTML
  • Where is tree and graph data structure used in real life
  • What is Dijkstra Algorithm
  • What is the difference between multithreading and multitasking
  • Asked to explain the projects mentioned in my resume.

Technical Round 2: The interviewer straight away jumped to the questions which are as follows:

  • Asked about my internships and the work I have done there.
  • What is ACID properties?
  • How is isolation performed and executed in transactions in DBMS
  • What is serial schedules and how it is implemented
  • Write a query to find the 9th max salary from the table.
  • What are cursors and how are they implemented
  • What do you mean by paging and fragmentation?
  • What is virtual memory
  • Caching in Computer Architecture.
  • the Write a code to reverse a linked list
  • Write a code to count the no of leaf nodes in a binary tree
  • Explain OOPs
  • What is diamond problem in inheritance

HR Round: Basic HR questions like will you be able to relocate after pandemic. That’s it.

Verdict: Selected

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