IIT Madras M. Tech Interview Experience

Getting into IIT Madras is on the top of every GATE aspirant’s list. IIT Madras is considered to be one of the renowned IIT, known for it’s excellence in education. I am very fortunate that my hard work paid off and I finally managed to get a seat in IIT Madras to pursue my M. Tech. I had scored 800 in my GATE 2017 exam. The score landed me into the interview round at IIT Madras where I got selected. Here, I am sharing my interview experience to help you get an insight of the M. Tech Interview process at IIT Madras.

When I was called inside for the interview, I was confident and happy at the same time.I however, controlled my emotions and went inside. There was a panel of professors sitting there to conduct the entire process. They started by asking me to introduce myself. They then asked about my hobbies, here I explained about my passion for coding. This was followed by few technical questions, which tested my knowledge of arrays, trees and recursion. I was asked to write the code to remove duplicates from an array and merge the contents of two arrays. I was able to explain the basic algorithm of all the questions asked to me. DBMS queries and basic fundamentals were also asked by the professors. They then asked about my hobbies. I answered all the questions confidently. All this impressed the professors. I was then asked to wait for the result. I finally got selected when the results came out.

I would suggest every individual going for the interview to believe in their capabilities. And revise data structures and oops concepts thoroughly as it will be really helpful to answer the technical questions asked. Stay calm and confident during the entire interview process.

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