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IIT Madras M.S. Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2019

I got an valid AIR to attend an interview at IIT Madras.

First round is a written exam. Approximately 350-400 student come for interview. It starts at 9 am. There will be 30 questions, where there will be one subjective question. The time duration is 2.5 hours.
Topics: Distance, percentage calculation, proportion and ratio. The questions will be in the form of MCQ, FIB.

50-60 students will be selected for next round. It starts at 3pm. It is HR round. There will be many people at the panel. Even the people not in the panel can ask questions through microphone. The questions are related to subject, programming, projects.

Tips: Be a master in one subject and have basic knowledge in 4-5 subjects.

  • Have knowledge about current trends.
  • Don’t bluff.
  • Be polite
  • Have research experience.

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