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IIT Kanpur PhD Interview Experience 2020

  • Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2020
Geek Week

IIT Kanpur conducted their Ph.D. CSE examination through online amidst the corona situation.


92 people were shortlisted based on Gate score, Btech, or Mtech CGPA and Statement of Purpose(SOP)

Round 2:

The round was conducted over Google Meet.

The panel consisted of 2 professors.

We were already asked to submit a presentation on BTech or MTech Project. In my case, it was on my MTech Thesis on Ontology modelling.

At first, they asked me to present my work in MTech Thesis. It lasted for 10-12 minutes with questions ranging from the definition of terminologies to the evaluation of proposed techniques.


It was a simple coding question involving LCS.

Ans-: Answer to the above question can be found here

We had to write working code for it, considering all the corner cases.

They asked about my research interest, which is machine learning, information retrieval, and knowledge graphs.

Question 2:

P(A/B)=1/4; P(A)=1/4; then what is P(A/not B)?

Ans-: As P(A/B)=P(A), then they are independent events. Hence P(A/not B)=1/4.

Question 3:

The interview lasted for 35-40 minutes.

Verdict: I got through for IIT Kanpur CSE Ph.D.

Advice for future aspirants: Know your projects well. If you are choosing M.L as your research interest, then you will be asked questions probability statistics. IIT Kanpur also asked basic coding questions.

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